ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review – Cloud-Base Software Platforms That Helps Anyone To Start Selling Digital Marketing Services Using A Smart Client Closing 3 Steps Formula

ClientsNest By Alex Costan – Cloud-Base Software Platforms That Helps Anyone To Start Selling Digital Marketing Services Using A Smart Client Closing 3 Steps Formula.

There are tons of software that give you everything you need from video creation to video marketing, SEO to Website Creation and GMB optimisation and the list can go on and on (I bet you already have some in your tool box).

So despite you having abundant tools that allows you to offer all kinds of local services to businesses, nothing groundbreaking has come out that ACTUALLY helps you sell these types of services to businesses.

Thanks to ClientsNest’s proprietary technology, you can now deploy smart conversion-focused funnels for any digital marketing services that’s finally going to give you the breakthrough in selling your services and closing deals fast, without a complicated sales process or without having to be a SALES Expert Jedi!

ClientsNest By Alex Costan is the next generation of SAAS service estimation for Agencies and Small Businesses. It will allow you to offer an estimation for your services, generate leads and sell from the same page and with a few clicks of your mouse.

Fully packed with features and built around our “first-to-market & proprietary” client closing funnels so that anyone can start selling digital marketing such as: Video Marketing Services, SEO Services, Design & Branding, Website Creation and pretty much any other digital marketing service out there with ease .

This was created to fill a looming gap in the industry. Right now, if you’re a service provider, you have two HUGE problems:

You have to pay big $ or spend hours each month with cold calling , meetings and cost estimations and second there is no real way for you to deliver an accurate price estimation which results in losing more than 50% of your possible clients

ClientsNest is an advanced game-changing client-closing system that anyone can use, regardless of their experience, to sell any digital service online, and that makes sure you close a deal with your client potentially on the very first attempt.

At its core, it uses a never-seen-before price estimator client-engaging funnel technology that makes the entire process of getting a client on board as simple as it gets while you get to make the most effortless profits you have ever made.

There is no need for you to create complex sales funnel pages anymore that don’t work and, in fact, only increase the work friction between you and your potential prospects.

ClientsNest’s drag and drop clients-attracting technology reels in clients for you non-stop so that you could take your agency and consultancy to new heights.

ClientsNest is an unfair advantage for anyone who wants to sell ANY Digital Marketing Services Online such as Video Marketing, Video Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design and so much more.

This Cloud-Based Software Application is perfect for any Agency Owner, Marketing Consultant, Local Consultant, Video Marketer, or literally anyone who wants to start getting clients for their digital services.

ClientsNest Is The Perfect Software that is indispensable from any digital marketer’s software arsenal.

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ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review – Cloud-Base Software Platforms That Helps Anyone To Start Selling Digital Marketing Services Using A Smart Client Closing 3 Steps Formula

ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review
ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review
ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review
ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review
ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review
ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review

ClientsNest Features:

  • Fully Automatic Price Estimation & Closing Funnel
    As soon as your prospects land on your ClientsNest funnel, they are guided with an interactive funnel through the price estimation, all the way to closing them from a single page.
  • Drag And Drop Response-based Campaign Designer
    Drag and drop your way to an advanced client-closing funnel that attracts and converts cold prospects into your paid clients fast. You can also create multiple pathways inside your funnels that get triggered based on your clients’ response so you could close clients like a true offline ninja!
  • Multiple Currencies Supported
    Maybe you are located outside the US, no problem, because you can display multiple currencies for your local digital services. No need to use a separate currency converter. Super convenient for both you and your clients.
  • 1-click Funnel Deployment
    Just copy-paste a single line of code on any webpage and you have turned that web-page into a client-closing machine while ClientsNest does all the heavy lifting for you in the background.
  • Quiz Based Client Progression And Closing
    ClientsNest funnel takes your client by their hands and lets them pass through a highly interactive and engaging funnel that primes that enough that they open up their wallets to your services.
  • Built-in Stats And Order Dashboard
    Get an instant sneak peek into the performance of your funnels, the profit you are making and the number of active and recurring orders from a beautifully designed stats dashboard.
  • 100% customisable Look & Feel
    Everything inside the price estimation form and funnel is customisable down to the color and text of a button so you can customise the entire experience for your clients or as per your agency’s branding.
  • Email channel and order notification system
    As soon as a client is closed, you get to know about that, even if it is the middle of a night. A copy of the order summary is also sent to clients on autopilot. You don’t have to babysit ClientsNest as it does everything for you.
  • Works with any website
    ClientsNest is fully compatible with any website in the world. Be it a WordPress blog, a Clickfunnels-made landing page, a Shopify store or even a plain HTML page, ClientsNest works with all of them.
  • Google Maps Integration
    If you plan to use ClientsNest on a store that ships physical merchandise like a Shopify store then you would love the built-in Google Maps integration that calculates and displays any shipping cost associated right on the form.
  • Branding Support
    Upload your own logo and brand the entire client-closing funnel to your liking or as per your requirement. ClientsNest is made to make you look like an authority in your local niche and supports full branding.
  • Google Analytics Integration
    Google analytics integration lets you have an eagle’s eye on your clients journey through the funnel so you could optimise your funnel for even better conversions.
  • Redirect To a Custom URL
    Once you have closed the client for a digital service, you can redirect them to a custom page, welcome/thank you page or even a CRM for a total seamless experience for your clients making the entire client-on boarding experience a breeze.
  • Intuitive Conditional System
    Clientsnest’s intuitive and powerful conditional system and its many components allow you to create any type of form easily

ClientsNest More Features:

  • Build Up to 10 Client Closing Funnel Forms
  • Unlimited Funnel Steps With An Easy To Use Drag And Drop Steps Manager To Create Quick Powerful Funnels.
  • Unlimited Integrations With Each And Every Website Creation Platform Out There!
  • Unlimited Funnel Form Embeds On Unlimited Websites.
  • Track Your Traffic & Leads Funnel Forms With Google Analytics Complete 1 Click Integration
  • Integration For Small Businesses With Google Maps & Shipping Automated Calculations
  • Customize & Brand Order Confirmation & Order Processing Emails With Our Advanced WYSIWYG Email Editor
  • Use Your Own Custom Thank You Page Fully Conditional Redirect on Close.
  • SPAM Proof With Full Captcha Support.
  • You Can Add & Create Unlimited Form Fields
  • You Can Add & Create Unlimited Form Steps
  • Easy To Understand Drag & Drop Visual Funnel Builder
  • Order Status & Earnings Revenue Inhouse Analytics Tracking.
  • 1-Click Funnel Form Preview As You Go!
  • Easy Integration With Any Website Out There By Simply Copy-Paste A Single Line Of Code.
  • You Can Even Fire ClientsNest Funnel Forms Inside A PopUp
  • Ability to Customize Form Funnel Designs With Over 1052 GoogleFonts
  • Fully Customizable Form Funnels Designs With Your Own Branding Look & Feel.
  • Form Funnels Design Interface Supports Well Over 7800+ Font Awesome Icons.
  • Easy Customize All Look & Feel By Just Selecting & Changing The Main & Secondary Color. In Addition To That You can also go as deep as customizing Your Titles, Switchbox, Background or any other text element present in your Forms.
  • You Can Switch between Flat & Light Design Styles with A Simple Click of Your Mouse.
  • Complete One Click Live What You See Is What You Get Form Designer where you can basically change any element in your Form Funnels.

ClientsNest 3 Simple Steps:

  • Step 1: Select a Conversion-Focused Client Closing Funnel Form Template Or Create Your Own!
  • Step 2: Activate by simply Copy & Paste A Single Line Of Code On Your Website.
  • Step 3: Start Closing Clients For Your Digital Marketing Services without any friction and without any hassles

ClientsNest Benefits:

  • Works with any site
    Turn Any Simple Website Into a fully automated Client-Closing Smart Funnel
  • Works in any niche
    Funnels for services like Video Marketing, SEO, Design, Consultancy and GMB included or design from scratch
  • Drag & Drop
    Use An Easy To Use Drag And Drop Steps Manager To Create Client Grabbing Funnels.
  • Powerful Reporting
    Automatic Invoicing, Customer Tracking & Orders Analytics with easy sales reporting.
  • Unlimited Steps
    Create Unlimited response-based Funnel Steps Inside Your Smart Funnels for maximum client-closure rates

Here’s How ClientsNest Will Put An End To Your Client Closing Struggle:

  • Pre-Qualify Your Clients
    You Will Be Able to Tell Exactly What Digital Marketing Service Your Visitors desperately needs right now!
  • Upsell more services
    Automatically upsell more digital marketing services to local business owners in just a few clicks.
  • Easily Close Clients
    Generate High-Converting Web Forms That Closes Clients For You!
  • Save Thousands of $$
    Save Thousands of $$ spent on advertising to convert leads into clients.
  • Maximize Profit
    Maximize your earnings per client by simply using conditional technology right inside the software.
  • Save time
    SAVE Precious Time – not having to struggle with inefficient and time consuming client closing methods.

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ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review – Cloud-Base Software Platforms That Helps Anyone To Start Selling Digital Marketing Services Using A Smart Client Closing 3 Steps Formula

ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review
ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review
ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review
ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review
ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review
ClientsNest By Alex Costan Review

ClientsNest Bonuses:

  • Zoom Client Engager
    Use the rising star of Video Conferencing to reach NEW clients naturally and establish yourself as a person of authority in your particular niche.
  • SEO BreakThrough (LOCAL Edition)
    Learn how to leverage the power of LOCAL SEO to increase the rankings of your clients and help them generate more sales while you pocket a well-deserved comission.
  • YouTube Studio for LOCAL
    Learn the ropes of YouTube Studio when working for LOCAL clients & discover how to do your editing efficiently & in bulk.
  • Lead Geneneration on Steroids
    This Video series is all about equipping you with the means to do effective Lead Generation for Small Buinesess by leveraging Smart, Battle-Tested Funnels
  • Client CIA Responsive Leads
    Close hyper-responsive leads by gathering intelligence CIA-style. Learn how to create your buyer profile and how to approach your potential clients with an irresistible offer.
  • Branding 101 Business Spotlight
    Branding is much more than just slapping your logo onto everything you own. It’s about putting a spotlight on your business and making sure people can recognize you as an expert in your field.
  • Ultimate Guide To Stripe Payments
    As the owner of a small business, you need to be able to accept and send payments as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Use this guide to set everything up.
  • Pop-up Conversion Booster
    Use this WordPress Plugin to massively improve your conversions by using non-intrusive pop-ups that are guaranteed to rake in more clients.
  • SEO Ranking 101 Profit Toolkit
    Get the know-how, the video training & the tools you need to domniate the search results pages for yourself & your clients.
  • ‘Sneaky’ Closing Strategies (Video Course)
    This 6 Part Video Course will teach you how to steer the conversation with your potential clients to the closing moment. These strategies work ONLINE and OFFLINE.
  • How to Build an Evergreen Business (Audio Course)
    Learn how to use marketing automation, reputation management tools and outsourcing to build yourself an online business that is almost entirelly autonomous.
  • Hustle for Your First Client (Audio Course)
    Learn the specifics of going after your first clients if you’re NEW to the field and coming at them with ZERO Authority.

ClientsNest Related Product:

  • Front End: ClientsNest
  • OTO 1: ClientsNest PRO
    – Create Unlimited Client Closing Funnel Forms
    – Easy To Use LIVE Funnel Editor – Advanced Form Designer
    – Advanced Conditions, Calculations & Permutations so you can build a form for any situations …
    – Easy Discount Coupon Codes Integrated For Each Generated Funnel Form.
    – Add Or Delete Custom Price or Percentage Discount Coupon Codes In Each Funnel Form With Limited Usages For More Efficient Scarcity.
    – Include Your Own Custom CSS design snippets and code rules.
    – Custom JS
    – Automatically Enable or Disable Done For You Legal Notice Shown At The End of Each Funnel Form. ( Release your website or business of any legal liability with our 1 Click Legal Notice/Disclaimer )
    – Autonomous Payment Integration Directly With PayPal Or Stripe
    – Paypal & Stripe Subscription Payments Integration.
    – Daily , Weekly , Monthly & Yearly Subscriptions Frequency Available.
    – Unlimited Subscription Payments From 1 Day To 30 Years!
    – Select Payment Currency & Automatic Language Detection.
    – Mailchimp & GetResponse Integration
    – Double Opt-In Leads is An Optional choice
    – Fast Lead Capturing Smart Technology Quadruple Your Traffic Conversions Into HOT Leads.
    – Create or Add Unlimited Items or Products For Each Funnel Step In Your Client Closing Form.
    – Multiple Item Types to choose from starting with Button, Checkbox, Slider, Image, Text Fields To Color & Date Pickers and the possibilities are endless.
    – Show Hide Certain Items based on conditional funnel steps.
    – Let Customers Enter The Quantity of Items They Want to Order.
    – Automatic Pricing Calculation Throughout The Funnel Based On Items Chose & Step Lead Actions.
    – Split Test Traffic & Leads With Conditional Steps Simple Redirects.
    – Ability To Create Advanced Conditional Funnel Steps & Redirects.
    – Automatic Funnel Next Step For Enhancing Your Client Conversion Rates.
  • OTO 2: ClientsNest DFY Template Club
    Done For You Marketing Agency WordPress Website (Fully Functional Prefilled with Content)
    10-15 Done For You Lead forms
    Includes digital services like:
    – DFY Graphic Design Forms Template
    – DFY Website Creation Forms Template
    – DFY Local SEO Forms Template
    – DFY General SEO Forms Template
    – DFY Ecommerce SEO Forms Template
    – DFY Local Consultancy Forms Template
    – DFY Digital Agency Forms Template
    – DFY Logo Design Forms Template
    – DFY Facebook Marketing Forms Template
    – DFY LinkedIn Professional forms Template
    – DFY Instagram Marketing Forms Template
    – DFY Twitter Marketing Forms Template
    – DFY Voiceover forms Template
    and so much more…
  • OTO 3: ClientsNest Agency
    – Commercial Rights License Included – Sell Funnels To Clients And Local Businesses Around The World!
    – 10X Your Client Closing Rates By Adding Team Members To ClientsNest And Scale Your Agency Business with Up to 10 Team Members.
    – Customize The Look & Feel Of Client Orders & Invoice With Your Own Logo, Company Details & Even Branding Colors (This Is Going To Give You An Agency Professional Look)
    – 5 Invoice PDF Theme Designs Ready To Go!
    – Done For You Client Closing Contracts
    – Legal Notice & Legal Consent Already Done For You
    – 6+ Done For You Facebook Agency Ads Templates.


“This is by far one of the best client-closing software I’ve seen in a while on this market!
With ClientsNest anyone can sell digital marketing services and turn any simple website into a fully certified Client Closing Machine!” – Abhi Diewdi

“If you’re offering video marketing, social media marketing, seo, website creation or any digital marketing service, and looking to get your first, or next client closed – ClientsNest is a must have software in your marketing arsenal.” – Stoica

“I am genuinely impressed with ClientsNest.
This is the go-to app if you want to help small businesses in a year of crisis while building your own legitimate agency business twice as fast!” – Neil Napier

ClientsNest is a cloud-based software solution aiming to assist online marketers, digital marketers, digital agencies and local consultants to sell any and all digital marketing services with the power of smart and high-converting funnel forms specially designed to quadruple anyone’s client closing rates.

With proprietary funnel and conversion-focused forms, ClientsNest will help you get the clients coming in like never before. What Are You Waiting for? Get ClientsNest Now!