Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review – Brand-New, Revolutionary eLearning Platform That Lets You Create & Sell Unlimited Courses Online With Just A Few Clicks!!!

Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers – Brand-New, Revolutionary eLearning Platform That Lets You Create & Sell Unlimited Courses Online With Just A Few Clicks!!!

Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers is a breakthrough platform that provides users an exceptional opportunity to build their own online business and brand by selling courses in just minutes.

It allows users to create, upload, and sell courses online – with just a few clicks. With 190+ DFY courses (ebooks + videos) and advanced features like easy to use course manager, student panel, video player, quiz creator, message/support system, payment mode integration, etc… This is literally the only business platform you’ll ever need to start profiting online right away.

No matter what your niche is, you can teach anything or everything online like cooking, baking, home decor, foreign languages, car repairing, yoga, weight loss, bodybuilding, makeup tutorials, personality development, coding, wine-making, school/college courses, dining etiquettes, graphic designing, video editing, photography, etc. People from all walks of life are learning new skills, hobbies, or passion online and you can capitalize on this without… Any hassle, Prior experience, Profit-sharing, Losing any leads. Not to mention, for newbies, it have included 190+ DFY courses to start selling and generate insane profits right away… With zero tech-skills.

Courserious included a complete set of step-by-step video tutorials to guide you on how to use this web-based software, and to do it easily. ou don’t need any special designing skills or technical experience to work with Courserious. What you see in the demo video on this page is the same system you’ll receive. It’s as easy as following those simple steps.

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Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review – Brand-New, Revolutionary eLearning Platform That Lets You Create & Sell Unlimited Courses Online With Just A Few Clicks!!!

Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review

Courserious Features:

  • Advanced course manager to add/manage courses
  • Easy to use lesson manager to add sections or quizzes between lessons
  • Payment gateway integration with PayPal and Stripe & multiple currency support to receive payments directly
  • Add/Upload rich media files (YouTube URL, Vimeo URL, MP4 URL, Document files, Image Files & iframe Embed, etc.)
  • 100% SEO optimized courses and sites
  • Branded student panel to add/manage/enroll students from the backend
  • Detailed reporting system to get complete sales and revenue analytics
  • Built-in support/ticket system to provide support to students
  • Create beautiful, SEO optimized and mobile responsive eLearning sites within minutes
  • No domain or hosting required, get your own SSL secured subdomains for each academy
  • Free Hosting For Images & Documents
  • Social Media Sharing For 100% FREE Viral Traffic
  • Setup your own SMTP for mailing your students
  • Advance and customized video lesson player
  • Advanced sorting options for students to sort courses by ratings, category, level, language, price, etc.
  • Your own marketplace to list and sell courses and keep 100% of the profits in your pockets – No profits sharing
  • Branded members area for students to learn, track course progress, get purchase reports/PDF invoices and rate the courses after purchasing
  • Advanced Autoresponder Integration with Aweber, GetResponse, & MailChimp
  • Top-notch shopping cart and Wishlist options for students to enable smooth purchasing
  • Strong Data Privacy
  • Include Legal Pages like About us, Terms, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, etc.
  • Automated Email Notifications
  • 100% GDPR And CAN-SPAM Compliant
  • Completely Cloud Based System – No Downloads or Complicated Installation
  • Everything you need and more under ONE roof.

Courserious 3 Simple Steps:

  • Step 1: Upload / Select Course
    Upload your own course (Video Lessons or eBooks) or select from our 100+ DFY courses.
  • Step 2: Set – Up Your Course
    Fill in the blanks to set-up your course, add it to your academy as free or paid, and set the price of your choice.
  • Step 3: Publish & Profit
    Publish your course on your beautiful & responsive eLearning site and keep 100% of the profits and leads.

Here’s What Makes Courserious Different From Everything Else You’ve Seen:

  • Create Beautiful eLearning Sites
    With our ground-breaking app, you can create your own beautiful and responsive eLearning website with your own courses and payment options in just minutes. No coding, techie stuff, or designing skills needed.
  • 100+ HOT DFY Courses To Start Selling Instantly
    To get you profits even quicker, we have included 100+ hot and in-demand “Done For You” courses. That means you don’t have to write your own training guide or be on camera to start selling online. Simply use our DFY courses, and start cashing in.
  • Upload Your Own Courses (Videos eBooks & PDFs)
    You can upload your own courses on any topic with unlimited lessons. Our software support multiple rich media files like YouTube URL, Vimeo URL, MP4 URL, Document, PDF, Excel spreadsheet, Image File, Iframe Embed, etc. to wow your students.
  • Easy-To-Use Course Manager
    Manage all your courses easily by adding categories, sub-categories, and quizzes. Choose to list any course as free to gain leads and grow a list, or make it a paid course to generate income. You set your own prices and discounts, and sales go directly to your payment account.
  • Built-In Support & Ticket System
    With Courserious you will get the built-in support system where your students can submit tickets and you can answer or manage their queries without leaving the dashboard or paying for a third-party customer support tool.
  • Payment Integrations With Multiple Currency Support
    Seamless integration with PayPal and Stripe with multiple currency support to get you sales & profits directly in your accounts. This way you can set your own price and start taking orders without any worries. (You can choose one or the other, you don’t have to have both.)
  • Drag & Drop Lesson Manager
    Now you don’t have to rely on 3rd party platforms to organize a curriculum and conduct tests for your students. Use our drag-&-drop lesson manager to manage all your lessons, add sections, and optionally create interactive quizzes between lessons. This will take your engagements & sales to a completely new level.
  • Built-In Students Panel
    To run a successful eLearning business, you need a backend administration area to properly manage your students. So, for you, we have added a built-in student panel from where you can add/manage or enroll students to any course, without leaving your Courserious dashboard. You can even send messages to your students from the dashboard.
  • Seamless Integrations With TOP Autoresponders
    For every $1 you spend on emails marketing, you can expect an average ROI of $42. Keeping that in mind, we have integrated top three autoresponder service providers – Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp & ActiveCampaign. This way you can better manage your leads and start nurturing them to make future purchases.
  • Built-In SEO Settings
    Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. Each course is given an SEO-friendly sales page, and our built-in SEO module allows you to optimize your course pages with the custom title and meta-descriptions to make them search friendly and capture organic search engine traffic. No need to hire any additional SEO services or freelancers.
  • 100% Mobile-Responsive Sites & Courses
    A recent quarterly report stated that mobile devices have generated 51.53% of global website traffic. This means having your content and sites mobile-optimized is extremely important for your business success. Courserious has already taken care of it for you.
  • Reports & Analytics
    With Courserious, you’ll get real-time updated revenue and sales analytics for all your courses. This will help you find the real winner for your business and what strategies need to be changed for your future growth.
  • FREE Hosting & Video Player
    No need to pay for hosting every time you upload a new course. We are providing you free hosting for all your images and document files. Also, we have an advanced and customized video player in place for you to take your user experience to next level.
  • SSL Secured Sub-Domains For Each Academy Site
    You will get your own personal sub-domains for free, for every academy site you create. That means you don’t need to pay again & again for domains. Plus all of our domains are SSL secured.
  • Your Own Marketplace
    Courserious provides you with your own branded marketplace to sell your courses online while simultaneously building authority in any niche. Also, there’s no need to share any of your profits or leads with 3rd party platforms.
  • SMTP Set-Up & Automated Email Notifications
    You can set-up your own SMTP for student mailing for enhancing your brand value. Also, automated emails will be sent from your account when someone purchases your courses.
  • 100% GDPR And CAN-SPAM Compliant
    GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliance is a must for digital entrepreneurs. And that’s why our Courserious is 100% GDPR and CAN-SPAM Compliant. So you just focus on your business without worrying about those complicated details.
  • Effortless Social Media Sharing
    Social media platforms are a goldmine for free traffic and our Courserious app comes fully loaded with Social Media Optimized features, and ready-to-enable social icons to share your courses with your target audience and grow your social media following while attracting new students to your courses.
  • Strong Data Privacy
    With the Courserious platform, you will get strong data privacy which is quintessential for your business to survive and grow online. Additionally, we protect your privacy and your customer’s privacy.

Courserious included a Branded Members Area for your students from where they can purchase courses, start learning, track course progress, get purchase reports/PDF invoices, etc. It Includes:

  • Student Dashboard
    A separate dynamic dashboard for students to manage their workflow. From here they can browse your courses, purchase them and start learning.
  • Track Course Progress
    Your students can track their course progress in an instant, see how much they have completed, and how much is remaining. They can also see which courses they have completed in the past and which ones they are currently enrolled in.
  • Advanced Filters
    We have included advance filters for students to sort courses by Ratings, Category, Level, Language, Price, etc. This will help them save time and enhance their user experience (while also helping you make more sales of your courses to a targeted audience!)
  • Shopping Cart & Wishlist
    Courserious offers your students a Shopping Cart & Wishlist option to enable smooth purchasing. This way, if your student cannot purchase a course now, they can save it in their cart to purchase in the future.
  • Course Rating
    Your students can rate the courses after purchasing. This way you understand how they feel about your courses and make necessary improvements. Equally important, it will generate social proof and boost future sales of your course.
  • Payment History & Invoices
    Besides being able to see previous purchase history in their account, your students will receive PDF invoices for all the purchases they have with their accounts. No manual work for you to send invoices personally.
  • Built-In Support System
    Your students can open tickets any time they want your help and you’ll receive their request instantly. This way you can manage your entire eLearning business from one dashboard.
  • Learn 24*7 on Any Device
    Your students can learn from their purchased courses anytime they want on any device they choose. Courserious will make all your content mobile-responsive, so your students can even learn from their tablet or phone while on the move.

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Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review – Brand-New, Revolutionary eLearning Platform That Lets You Create & Sell Unlimited Courses Online With Just A Few Clicks!!!

Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review
Courserious By Vikram Firelaunchers Review

Courserious Amazing Benefits:

  • Create your own beautiful & mobile-responsive eLearning sites & sell courses online in minutes
  • 100+ HOT Done-For-You courses to start selling immediately without having to create anything yourself
  • Easily add your own courses in a matter of minutes!
  • All-In-One platform with the built-in marketplace, support system, lesson manager, video player, student panel, analytics and so much more…
  • Start your own eLearning business and become an authority in any niche in record time
  • Everything You Need And More Under ONE Roof.

Courserious More Benefits:

  • Choose From 100+ HOT DFY Courses To Start Selling Instantly
  • Upload And Sell Your Own Courses Online
  • Create Attractive, Mobile Responsive Academic Sites In Just A Few Clicks
  • Add / Upload Rich Media Files For Your Courses (Youtube URL, Vimeo URL, MP4 URL, Document Files, Image Files & Iframe Embed, Etc.)
  • Add Categories, Sub-Categories, Lessons, Sections, Interactive Quizzes To Manage Courses & Lessons
  • Accept Payments Via Paypal Or Stripe With Multiple Currency Support
  • Seamless Integrations With Top Autoresponders – Aweber, GetResponse, & MailChimp
  • Build Courses On Any Topic – Become Authority In Any Niche
  • Advance Student Panel To Enrol/Add/Manage Students From Dashboard
  • Detailed Reporting System To Get Complete Sales And Revenue Analytics
  • Built-In Support/Ticket System To Provide Support To Students
  • No Traffic, Leads Or Profit Sharing With Any 3rd Party Marketplaces – Keep 100% Profits & Control On Your Business
  • Branded Members Area For Students To Learn, Track Course Progress, Get Purchase Reports/PDF Invoices And Rate The Courses After Purchasing
  • Free Hosting For Images & Documents
  • Social Media Sharing For 100% FREE Viral Traffic
  • Automatic Email Delivery to Your Students
  • Create Free Or Paid Courses For Your Academy
  • Advance And Customized Video Lesson Player
  • Advanced Sorting Options For Students To Sort Courses By Ratings, Category, Level, Language, Price, Etc.
  • No Domain Or Hosting Required, Get Your Own SSL Secured Subdomains For Each Academy
  • Top-Notch Shopping Cart And Wishlist Options For Students To Enable Smooth Purchasing
  • Strong Data Privacy
  • Newbie Friendly One-Click Course Creation
  • Include Legal Pages Like About Us, Terms, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Etc.
  • 100% SEO Optimized Courses With Title & Meta Description.
  • Automated Email Notifications
  • Completely Cloud Based System – No Downloads Or Complicated Installation
  • Easy And Intuitive To Use Software With Step By Step Video Training
  • 24 * 7 – Customer Support
  • And So Much More…

With This Incredible New Tool, You Can:

  • Create beautiful and mobile responsive academy sites
  • Upload your PLR courses to start selling
  • Choose from 100+ DFY built-in courses
  • Sell courses on your own marketplace
  • Have a built-in cart, Members Area & Support System
  • Keep 100% profits & full control of your business
  • Target any niche or multiple niches at the same time
  • Sell to unlimited customers with no royalties due
  • And so much more…

No Matter What Niche You Are In, You Can Teach Anything Or Everything Online Including…

  • Programming
  • School / College Courses
  • Photography
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Yoga
  • Gardening
  • Makeup Hacks
  • Graphic Designing
  • Weight Loss
  • Pet Care
  • Body Building
  • Cooking
  • Personality Development
  • Video Editing
  • Home Decor
  • Baking
  • Wine Making
  • Car Repairing
  • Foreign Languages
  • Digital Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Dancing

Quick Recap Here’s What You Are Getting Today:

  • Instant Dynamic eLearning Sites
    Literally, all you need to do is log into our awesome platform and your eLearning site is ready for you to add or upload your courses and start selling. No complicated learning curve or techie stuff.
  • 100+ DFY Courses In Super-Hot Niches
    With our 100+ DFY courses, anyone can start selling and generate life-changing income from Courserious almost instantly. No need to write content or record videos, you can still make huge profits.
  • Your Own Branded Marketplace
    Say goodbye to 3rd party platforms that snatch profits, traffic, and leads from your hard-work. Sell your own products on your own marketplace to keep 100% of the profits & leads while maintaining full control of your business.
  • Free Hosting
    Why pay hundreds of dollars on domains and hosting every time you upload a new product? Get absolutely free subdomains for all of your academies and free hosting for all your images and doc files (such as PDF’s and other documents in your courses). We also integrate 100% free video hosting platforms for your videos.
  • Built-In Ticket/Support System
    Save your time and money and forget about purchasing any extra third-party support tools. With Courserious, you can manage and reply to all your student’s queries from right inside the dashboard.
  • Branded Members Area For Students
    Our revolutionary technology will not only make online selling hassle-free for you but also impress your students by enhancing their online learning experience and providing them with their own dynamic student dashboard.
  • All-In-One Solution
    Courserious is the only All-in-One eLearning Business Platform you’ll ever need to position yourself as an authority by creating and selling courses online, and managing everything from 1 central dashboard.
  • 100% Mobile Responsive – Work On Any Device
    Courserious is the only All-in-One eLearning Business Platform you’ll ever need to position yourself as an authority by creating and selling courses online, and managing everything from 1 central dashboard.
  • Works In Any Niche
    No matter what niche you are in, Courserious is the platform you need to start your own academy and generate results in the fastest time possible. Again, there is no limit to how many niches you can target and dominate with it.
  • Step By Step, ‘From Login To Profit’ Training Included
    Over the shoulder, video tutorials show you exactly how to use the software and maximize your results.

Courserious Related Product:

  • Front End: Courserious
  • OTO 1: Courserious – Elite Edition
    – Additional 45+ DFY HD Video Courses
    – Unlimited Academies
    – Unlimited Courses
    – Plus 45 DFY courses (eBooks)
    – Unlimited Sub-Domains
    With 7 Fast-Action Bonuses
    – Bonus#1: WP Notification Bar
    – Bonus#2: WP Empire Builder Review
    – Bonus#3: Video Traffic Page Creator
    – Bonus#4: Show Your Upcoming Posts WordPress Plugin
    – Bonus#5: WP Testimony Plus
    – Bonus#6: Content Engage Plugin
    – Bonus#7: 101 Best Free WordPress Plugins
  • OTO 2: Courserious – Membership
    With this membership upgrade, TWO NEW DFY courses (1 eBook & 1 Video Training Course) will be added to your Courserious account every month to resell and generate sky-high profits repetitively.
  • OTO 3: Courserious – Reseller
    Reseller Rights Features including…
    – Resell Rights allows one to sell Courserious to their clients and keep 100% of the profits.
    With 9 Fast-Action Bonuses
    – Bonus#1: Sticky Note Ads Creator Plugin
    – Bonus#2: WordPress Privacy Policy Plugin
    – Bonus#3: Trending Keywords WordPress Plugin
    – Bonus#4: BlogBook Plugin
    – Bonus#5: Adsense Inbox
    – Bonus#6: WP Bulk Article Importer Plugin
    – Bonus#7: Checkout Maximizer WordPress Plugin
    – Bonus#8: WP Easy Custom Fields
    – Bonus#9: WP Offline Pricing Pro Plugin


“You guys always create amazing software, so as soon as I see they were releasing a new tool, I had to check it out! As always, they didn’t disappoint with Courserious! Indeed they have packed everything in just one dashboard and it is very easy to work with. Let’s not forget that you can grab it for a fraction of the cost. This might be my new favorite eLearning business platform… Nice work here!” – Able Chika

“I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about Courserious, I mean 100+ DFY courses, separate members area with a built-in support system – all at one time low price – who wouldn’t be!? WOW! It far exceeded my expectations! Everything is available in one dashboard and it’s so simple to use. It literally took me just a few minutes to create my own academy site and start selling courses. Great job guys!” – Mike Mckay

“Wow! This is truly a smart software. At the click of a button, I was able to create my own academy sites and add courses to sell online. But the main reason I love it is that it provides free domains for your sites and free hosting for your courses… An Awesome money saver and most of all ultra-effective! If you want to start earning generous income online… It’s a no brainer to pick this up. Thank You Guys for another winner!” – Rohan Chaudhari

“When I first heard of Courserious, I thought it’s another trash but I was proved wrong! Everything I need – from creating my own academy site, free domains and hosting, to selling courses on my own marketplace, having full control of my business, and top-notch content has been built into one single app. This opens up endless possibilities for everyone, no matter their level of experience. Highly Recommended!” – Harshal Jadhav

“Courserious software speaks for itself. This app is worth many times more than the price tag. With 100+ DFY courses, branded members area for your students, free domains & hosting, and an in-built support system… It is designed to give you financial freedom in these tough times. I have used many apps in the past, BUT this is by far the best eLearning business platform – buy it now!” – Deepanker Rajora

Courserious is an Amazing product. It’s a very good product and Top seller today from JVZoo. Not only are you getting access to Courserious for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Courserious include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Courserious, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for? Get Courserious Now And Enjoy It For 30 Days!