Interactr Evolution By Ryan Phillips Review – Skyrocket Video Clicks, Leads & Sales In Minutes Without Techy Editing Software Or Spending More For Traffic

Interactr Evolution By Ryan Phillips – Skyrocket Video Clicks, Leads & Sales In Minutes Without Techy Editing Software Or Spending More For Traffic.

Interactr Evolution By Ryan Phillips is a software that uses cutting edge interactive video technology to turn regular videos into all-in-one conversion platforms. Viewers can subscribe, buy and engage directly WITHIN the video itself.

Video marketing is tougher than ever. You can blame social media, competition and short attention spans. Whatever the reasons, marketers are struggling with video engagement, click rates, conversions and profits.

Most people look at these problems with their “marketing glasses” on. And try to fix each issue one by one, often with the latest video creation software. This can work, until it doesn’t.

​Once viewers get used to the latest effects, they start to tune them out And we’re stuck in the same old “buy and try” software loop.

When we stop thinking like marketers and start thinking like video viewers, great things happen. By improving viewer experience, our results improve as well – across the board.

​Fast & sustained increases in clicks, conversions and profits just by solving the core issue of engagement. And that’s exactly what Interactr Evolution does.

Interactr Evolution is the world’s ONLY interactive video platform that lets you fully customize how viewers interact with your videos. And it has the fastest loading video player in the industry, to maximize your conversions from EVERY view.

Interactr Evolution is made by Ryan Philips and Chris Bell, the CEO and Head Developer, respectively, of VideoSuite. They’ve been at the leading edge of interactive video tech since the beginning. And in addition to developing software, they specialize in helping others create successful agencies offering interactive video.

Interactr Evolution is a fully cloud-based solution. It’s compatible with Mac, Windows and any internet-enabled device… even your smart phone. You can make as many campaigns as you want, as many variations as you want, share as many times as you want. And yes, that INCLUDES campaigns for clients with the commercial license.

Interactr Evolution includes a direct link to our professional, friendly support team … happy to answer any questions that might come up. Over the shoulder video training is accessible in the member’s area … covering everything from getting started right through to optimizing your campaigns. And we’ll automatically push updates through the cloud so you’ll always have the latest version of the software.

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Interactr Evolution By Ryan Phillips Review – Skyrocket Video Clicks, Leads & Sales In Minutes Without Techy Editing Software Or Spending More For Traffic

Interactr Evolution Features:

  • Video Chapters
    An incredibly simple way to let viewers skip to exactly the content they want to see …
    Proven to increase engagement and view times.
  • Social Sharing
    Leverage the power of social media traffic just by pasting the share link the software gives you.
    Social audiences LOVE video… and you’ll love all the clicks your interactive videos are about to get.
  • Versatile Platform Integrations
    Connect ANY autoresponder for automated list building…
    API support for all major providers, HTML for everything else!
  • Detailed Analytics
    See at a glance how each campaign is performing.
    Get both a “big picture” view as well as details of clicks, conversions, revenues and more…
    So you can optimize for even greater results.
  • Time-Saving Media Library
    Upload & store your images and videos in the media library once…
    And they’ll always be ready for you to repurpose in any campaign.
  • Easy Sharing & Publishing With AUTO-UPDATING
    Get both an embed code and share link for each of your interactive projects.
    Use the link to quickly share your campaigns across social media, and the embed code to publish on any website.
    When you make changes to an existing project, just hit ‘republish’ and the new version will be automatically updated on any sites it’s embedded on.

What makes Interactr Evolution so special:

  • It costs a FRACTION of what even the cheapest competition charges… and it’s on for a one-time price during launch week
  • Very easy to use: no tech skills needed, full training provided
  • Works with any video made on any platform
  • Features the FASTEST video player in the industry, to maximize your conversions from viewers on any device
  • The ONLY interactive platform in the world where you can fully customize each interactive element [amazing for engagement]
  • Lets you create laser-targeted remarketing audiences based on specific viewer actions – to maximize ROI on your advertising
  • Includes content locking for scarcity conversions – and an awesome way to build your list even faster
  • Commercial Rights included – but ONLY during this limited launch

Interactr Evolution Benefits:

  • The Fastest Way To Transform Your Videos Into Interactive Campaigns
    Choose from 3 included interactive templates, each customizable with your videos, media and links.
    Maximize engagement, skyrocket view times & build your brand with these templates built to optimize your results in a hurry.
    Or create custom campaigns from scratch, it’s easy!
  • Maximize Views & Clicks On Any Device
    Video drop-off is now someone else’s problem!
    Interactr Evolution features the world’s fastest video player – for industry-leading playback performance on any device, including mobile.
    More completed views mean MORE clicks on your calls-to-action.
  • Explode Your Retargeting ROI
    Easily add FB tracking pixels at ANY stage of your interactive campaigns …
    To create laser-targeted, action based audiences you can remarket to based on user-specific behaviour.
    This can slash your ad spend while maximizing conversions – a winning recipe for sky high ROI.
  • Shoppable, Clickable Videos As Unique As Your Offers
    WORLD-1ST Technology: Interactr Evolution lets you fully customize your interaction layers for NEXT LEVEL conversions.
    All other softwares use templates that limit your creative options.
    Now you can maximize engagement at the most profitable moments of your video by customizing texts, animations, objects & more.
  • Unlock The Proven Power Of Scarcity Conversions
    Use the content locking feature to require viewers to take a specific action – such as subscribe, share or view an offer – before they can watch the rest of your content.
    Include countdown timers with any video segment to increase urgency conversions.
  • Enjoy Unmatched Versatility
    Turn ANY Video Into An Interactive Powerhouse For Any Marketing Goal
    Use Interactr Evolution with any video created from any software …
    INCLUDING videos you already have, or make in the future.
    Use them in any combination for any type of campaign: lead generation, sales, customer support, branding and more …
    The possibilities are endless!

Interactr Evolution Bonuses:

  • Mr X Traffic Generation Secrets
    In this exclusive training you will learn the quickest and easiest way to get free local client leads for your video service. We’ve had students use this and get hot leads within 24 hours and close sales within 48 hours.
  • How interactr user Jordan built a $15,000/mo business
    Learn how to create a product in this in depth case study where we show you how interactr user Jordan has built a $15,000 per month income in a weird obscure niche with a video membership site.
  • How to close a client in the next 48 hours
    Learn how to drive traffic to your interactive videos in this training, held by one of Frank Kerns top media buyers where he shows you how to use Facebook video ads to get leads and sales.

Interactr Evolution Related Product:

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