TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review – OTO #1 of TrendMonetizer. Unlock The Brand-New “Must-Have” Incredible Features AND Exclusive “Power-User Only” Privileges With TrendMonetizer Ultimate

TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos – OTO #1 of TrendMonetizer. Unlock The Brand-New “Must-Have” Incredible Features AND Exclusive “Power-User Only” Privileges With TrendMonetizer Ultimate.

TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos is amazing upgrade from TrendMonetizer. TrendMonetizer ULTIMATE allows you to do more and profit more with every campaign you create for yourself (and for your clients).

With TrendMonetizer Ultimate You Can Ethically STEAL Content From The Internet & Turn It Into PASSIVE INCOME IN 3 CLICKS… 24/7/365 Income Stream… No Monthly Fees… FREE Traffic “Built-In”.

TrendMonetizer hijacks TRENDING content (Video & Articles) from all over the web. You can then monetize this content by adding CTAs, links, buttons etc. from within the TrendMonetizer dashboard. With 1-Click you can blast this content (with your links embedded) all over your social media to get insane amounts of traffic, leads and sales.

TrendMonetizer is the fastest tool on the market that just gets results, period. It’s a great solution for newbies or intermediates who want to benefit from content without having to struggle to create the content on their own. Imagine having instant content in just minutes from now. It’s possible… With TrendMonetizer! TrendMonetizer is the ONLY TOOL You Will Ever Need.

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TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review – OTO #1 of TrendMonetizer. Unlock The Brand-New “Must-Have” Incredible Features AND Exclusive “Power-User Only” Privileges With TrendMonetizer Ultimate

TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review
TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review
TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review
TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review
TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review
TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review
TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review
TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review
TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review
TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review
TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review
TrendMonetizer Ultimate By Victory Akpos Review

TrendMonetizer Ultimate Incredible Features:

  • FEATURE #1: Trending Content Scheduler
    It can be challenging to keep drip-feeding your monetized trending content on various social media platforms without it taking over a sizeable percentage of your time and attention.
    Studies have revealed that there’s a pattern in ‘peak-times’ on every social media platform…
    Like the best time to post on:
    Facebook is between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
    Twitter is between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. EST on Monday or Thursday
    Instagram is from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday
    You can create and bulk schedule multiple campaigns at once…at a time that suits you. Trending Content Scheduler helps you to deliver your posts at the best times.
    This also frees up your time to work on existing campaigns, engage with customers, and focus on business.
    Streamline Your Content Marketing And Create A Consistent Routine To Increase Conversions
    Create Campaigns As And When You Want Without Stress Or Any Pressure
    Avoid Over-Or-Under Posting
  • FEATURE #2: Pixel tracking
    Size isn’t everything.
    Tracking pixels might be a teeny-tiny, practically invisible piece of technology, but they play a huge role in a ‘successful’ content marketing strategy.
    Effortlessly gather information about your visitors —how they browse, what type of ads they click on, etc. and create campaigns that are likely to be most interesting to them.
    With 1-Click, identify the source of your conversions and measure the success or failure of specific campaigns.
    Follow your audience as they browse the internet.
    Never underestimate the power of the pixel.
    Better Ad Targeting
    Personalized Web Experiences
    Ability To Synchronize Cookies Across Domains
  • FEATURE #3: Social Proof Notification
    Online businesses regularly face a somewhat inherent problem that prevents more conversions…
    People tend to trust things more when other people trusted these first.
    Drive visitors on the fence to take the action you want by drip-feeding social proof notifications.
    When a person takes action on your website, show that action in real-time to other visitors.
    As per a study… Creating scarcity was the number 1 driver for increasing revenue. Building social proof was number 2.
    Social proof notifications achieve both. Through seeing exactly what products others are purchasing in real-time, demand is shown off and scarcity is implied.
    And, by seeing that real people are behind these purchases, social proof is delivered.
    TrendMonetizer is equipped with advanced tech that sends social proof notifications at regular intervals, as determined by you.
    Actively Capture And Showcase The Activity Of Other Users
    Play On ‘Follow-The-Herd’ Mentality Of Your Customers And Audience
    Tap In The Awesome Power Of Social Proof And Quickly See A Boost In Conversion Rates
    The fact, that you are still reading this… tells me that you are serious about your business.
    You realize and understand the enormous value in Scheduling ontent, Tracking Pixels, leveraging the power of Social Media Notification to boost conversions on your hijacked pages, Adding Social Proof Plugin To Increase Conversions Of ALL Your WordPress Enabled Websites, Custom Email Autoresponder Code Integration so you’re not limited to the built-in autoresponder service providers and most importantly getting a Premium Email Marketing Plugin for sending unlimited emails for FREE
    And that is the definition of a “Power User” in my book.
    And that’s the reason I want to offer you something extra.
  • FEATURE #4: Social Proof WordPress Plugin
    Smart marketers know that social proof is the marketing tactic for easing the minds of worried customers in order to boost conversions. Hence we don’t want to solely increase the conversions of your hijacked pages rather we want to help you drastically boost the conversions of your entire WordPress websites by giving you this plugin for FREE.
    Social proof is the concept that people will follow the actions of the masses. The idea is that since so many other people behave in a certain way, it must be the correct behavior.
  • FEATURE #5: Custom Email Autoresponder Code Integration
    We know for a fact that different people rely on various marketing solutions. Hence we are giving you the liberty to use any email autoresponder solution of your choice by making provision for custom integration. With this Ultimate feature you have ability to put a custom optin code into TrendMonetizer to build an email list.
  • FEATURE #6: Premium Email Marketing Plugin
    This is one of the most important benefits in TrendMonetizer Ultimate because it enables you to send unlimited marketing emails for FREE. Personally I spend over $800 monthly maintaining the email marketing solutions that I use. While TrendMonetizer gives you the ability to capture leads in order to build a profitable email list there’s need for an email autoresponder to actual send promotional emails to the leads. Unfortunately, popular autoresponder services like Aweber, Infusionsoft etc charge as high as $250 per month which is very unfriendly for beginner marketers with little or not budget for email marketing campaigns. Hence we have decided to give you this premium plugin for FREE so that you can kickstart your own email marketing business the moment TrendMonetizer starts getting you leads without paying a dime to any major Autoresponder

Here’s Everything You Get When You Get Access To TrendMonetizer ULTIMATE:

  • Trending Content Scheduler
  • Pixel Tracking
  • Social Proof Notification
  • Social Proof WordPress Plugin
  • Custom Email Autoresponder Code Integration
  • Email Marketing Plugin
  • Unlimited List Building
  • Unlimited Social Sharing
  • Fast Track Priority Support

TrendMonetizer Ultimate Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Royalty Free Image/Video Post Generator Plugin for WordPress
    This is the future of auto blogging using pixabay.
    Royalty Free Image/Video Post Generator Plugin for WordPress is a breaking edge Pixabay To WordPress post importer plugin that is ideal for auto blogging to your blog. It uses Pixabay free and public content (images and videos) to turn your website into a auto blogging or even a money making machine!
    Using this plugin, you can automatically generate posts based on a set of predefined rules. These rules can generate posts from:
  • Bonus #2: Videopilot – Autopilot Youtube Video Script
    VideoPilot is a Video Sharing Script that was developed from the ground up thinking about entrepreneurs,youtube channel owners, video makers, video enthusiasts that aim to create and manage their own tailored video content community similar to Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion .
    With this tool you;
    – Grab news from youtube channel user, playlist and search result.
    – Can grab single video from youtube
    …and many more features!
  • Bonus #3: AdQuiz Video
    The Uber Sophisticated Web Based System With Unique And Leading Edge List Generation Building This fundamental tool for online marketers generates quizzes for people through micro-commitments and works as a supreme lead capturing system. AdQuizVideo is a one stop solution for Lead captures, social engagements, product promotions and a whole lot more!!
  • Bonus #4: SmartTriggers – Add Instant Interactivity To WP
    This is the number 1 plugin to add FUN & INTERACTIVITY on your website
    At it’s core, WP Triggers is a plugin that makes websites way more interactive. It lets you pre-populate triggers and an action (ie: display a YouTube video OR redirect the user to a secret URL). Once your settings are saved it gives you a shortcode to paste on any page/post in your site. Once a website visitor types in one of your triggers, it performs the action. It’s simple and full of potential!
    The interface is incredible simple but powerful. When adding/editing a Trigger Box you add Triggers on the left and Actions on the right. You can specify multiple Triggers for one Action.
  • Bonus #5: Twitter Auto Post Multi Accounts
    Are you tired of the difficult brand advertising campaign on twitter by posting to twitter every day? This Scripts will help you get closer to your goal. With just a few clicks you can create up for a promotion campaign on twitter with many features available on the script will certainly give you a great experience.
    – Support three post types: Text & Link, Image And Video.
    – Support multi twitter accounts: helping you advertise more comprehensive
    – Report posts: statistical success rate of the posts.
    – Repost post: lets you automatically post back every day without having to post back.
    – Random post: automatically selects a random group/page/profile to post in a specified time.
    – Support multi language: makes it easy to access and use the product thoroughly.
    – Easy customization and multi themes: helping you have more choices for the management interface to suit you.
    – Support multi user: not only can you manage that you can share it with everyone you want.
    – And many other exciting features.

TrendMonetizer Ultimate Related Product:

TrendMonetizer Ultimate is an Amazing product. It’s a very good from JVZoo. Not only are you getting access to TrendMonetizer Ultimate for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. TrendMonetizer Ultimate include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose TrendMonetizer Ultimate, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for? Get TrendMonetizer Ultimate Now And Enjoy It For 30 Days!