Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review – Revolutionary New Software Will Rapidly Find, Target, Track & Place Ads On Highly Relevant YouTube Videos … Without The Need For Creating Your Own Video Ads!

Vlueo By Bobby Walker – Revolutionary New Software Will Rapidly Find, Target, Track & Place Ads On Highly Relevant YouTube Videos … Without The Need For Creating Your Own Video Ads!

Vlueo By Bobby Walker is an extremely powerful online platform that allows you to quickly find targeted YouTube videos you can advertise your product or service to bring you more traffic to your website. Vlueo also tracks your conversions. This way you can keep the winners and ditch the losers. This saves you a lot of money on advertising since you know which video ads are making you profits and which ones aren’t.

All businesses need more leads and sales. It’s the lifeblood of your business. Without targeted leads and sales your business dies. Video ads are the most profitable ways to generate money online. Now you can easily find YouTube videos that allow advertisement on them. Vlueo is the world’s easiest to use tool for finding relevant YouTube videos that you can advertise on so that your ads can show up when people watch these videos.

By entering a specific keyword, Vlueo will present you with tons of videos that you can place your ads on. That’s not all… Vlueo will also track the conversions for each video; this helps to eliminate the use of Google analytics thereby making tracking less complicated for you. By making use of 1st party tracking cookies (unlike Google that uses 3rd party tracking cookies), the tracking results are more accurate and reliable.

Vlueo helps you find low cost targeted leads by leveraging the power of YouTube. Just enter a keyword or keyword phrase and hit “search” and in 60 seconds you have found hundreds of targeted videos you can advertise on. Then track your results so you keep only the ones making you money!

You don’t need to make video ads to use Vlueo. Inside Vlueo you can click the Google Ad Builder and it will create a complete placeholder campaign for your text ads that show up on the youtube video as a banner as well as beside the video at the top of the results, so you can create and launch a campaign without the need for video ads! However if you have a video ad, you can upload that into your google ads campaign manually and include it as part of your promotion along with your text ads.

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Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review – Revolutionary New Software Will Rapidly Find, Target, Track & Place Ads On Highly Relevant YouTube Videos … Without The Need For Creating Your Own Video Ads!

Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review
Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review
Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review
Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review
Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review
Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review

Vlueo Main Features:

  • Powerful YouTube Video Search
    Quickly find monetized videos with almost a dozen filters. Preview the ads by type and export to csv/xls. Save unlimited lists and more!
  • Easy Google Ad Builder
    Prefills your ad with text and image placeholders as well as tracking data to get your ads up fast!
  • Youtube Video Ads Library
    A growing list of youtube adverts with important analytics for viewing.
  • YouTube Creators Search
    Find youtube creators by keyword and other filters. Get various and relevant pieces of contact info and export unlimited lists and more!
  • Video Ads Tracking And Analytics
    View important statistics and get accurate data with our 1st party tracking cookies solution!
  • Keyword Atlas Keywords Software
    Get laser targeted keywords from over 20 different sources!

Vlueo More Features:

  • Unbeatable video search function
    Use multiple search modes to find endless lists of popular monetized videos.
  • Unmatched video preview function
    You can click on a thumbnail to previews videos and video ads instantly.
  • Outstanding video breakdown function
    Locate monetized videos by keyword, filter by likes, dislikes, views, comments, plus more advanced criteria.
  • 1st party ad tracking to drive down your ad costs and boost ROI
    Reliable tracking system to run successful YouTube Ad’s so you can kill off non converting campaigns that are costing you money.
  • Supports any language
    Search for videos, or channels in any language.
  • Advanced search options
    Use advanced search options to refine your search by search priority, video duration, language, publish date, etc.
  • Excellent saving functions for your lists
    Save your lists of videos and other search results to unlimited lists. Or to CSV/XLS files for offline analysis. Perfect for generating reports.
  • No installation required
    Vlueo is 100% cloud-based and works directly on your PC or Mac or mobile without requiring any installation.
  • Fully mobile responsive
    Vlueo works beautifully on mobile phones and tablets so you can use it anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy Google ad builder
    For ease of use – you can build all your Google ads inside Vlueo itself.
  • Daily Fresh List of Youtube Ads
    You also get access to a constantly growing list of newly discovered video ads and statistics so you can discover what does and doesn’t work.
  • Bonus Keyword Atlas Software
    Generate thousands of top-ranked long-tail keywords from over 20 sources for your Youtube ad campaigns!

Vlueo Benefits:

  • A Straightforward Time Saver
    We both know time is money right? Stop spending your time searching for monetized videos on YouTube.
  • Laser Targeted Traffic Without Delay
    One click of the mouse and you get instant access to thousands of highly relevant videos.
  • Fast-Acting ROI Boost
    Your offer is only as good as the people who see it. Targeting the right people for your niche means higher conversions, lower ad costs, and maximum ROI.
  • Effortlessly Reach More Customers
    VLUEO will reach out to highly targeted sections of the 2nd largest search engine available… YouTube.

Who Should Get Vlueo:

  • Social Media Marketers
    Stop wasting time with Facebook ads and get super laser targeted traffic using Vlueo.
  • Online Entrepreneurs
    If you make money online then you need a reliable source of targeted traffic. With Vlueo, you can do just that!
  • Affiliate Marketers
    Using targeted ads to promote affiliate offers is still one of the best methods for building a sustainable online business fast.
  • Ecommerce Store Owners
    Creating targeted ads for your ecommerce products have never been easier using Vlueo. Kick your store into Overdrive today!
  • Website Owners
    Get buyer traffic to your websites has never been easier using Vlueo to find laser-targeted Youtube videos to advertise on.
  • Offline Businesses
    People use Youtube to find more information about businesses, and this is the perfect tool for uncovering the exact audience you need for your offline business.

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Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review – Revolutionary New Software Will Rapidly Find, Target, Track & Place Ads On Highly Relevant YouTube Videos … Without The Need For Creating Your Own Video Ads!

Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review
Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review
Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review
Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review
Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review
Vlueo By Bobby Walker Review

Vlueo Bonuses:

  • Keyword Atlas
    Powerful Keyword Research Software that Gets Top-Ranked Keywords from Over 20 Sources!
    • Get Keywords from 20+ Sources!
      Keyword Atlas can pump out thousands of top-ranked long-tail keywords from over 20 different online sources in just minutes!
      The “Suggests Keywords” tool extracts autosuggest keywords from over 20 popular websites to get you the best possible keywords for your marketing projects.
      Plus, you can select between Search Engine sources, Ecommerce sources as well as video sources. You can even extract keyword ideas from Google’s play store and Wikipedia!
      There is NO other tool on the planet that will give you the full range of possible keyword ideas you need.
    • Get Even MORE Related Keywords!
      Need more keywords? No problem, we got all your keyword needs covered!
      With the additional “Related Keywords” tool you can quickly generated hundreds of more targeted relevant keywords at the click of a button.
      Easily pull related keywords from 6 top website sources: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, and Youtube.
      Never again will you be endlessly hunting for the keywords you really need for your marketing. Use Keyword Atlas today and start pumping out top-ranked long-tail keywords today!
    • Get Free Search Volume Data From Google or Story Base
      We know how important it is to get the latest monthly search volume, cost per click (CPC), and competition data for your keywords, so me made it SUPER-SIMPLE to import search volume data from Google and StoreyBase for free. Other keyword tools are forced to charge you monthly fees in order to provide search volume data, but with Keyword Atlas, you will never pay any recurring payments for life!
    • Need Help with More Targeted Keyword Ideas?
      Sometimes you might get stuck trying to figure out new keyword ideas, but we got you covered!
      With the integrated “Idea Generator” tool you can quickly get ideas from 15 categories of keyword ideas.
      Simply enter your main keyword as singular and plural, then optionally enter a year and region ..
      .. then BOOM, you get over 100 keyword phrases you can select to start generating your high-ranked long-tail keywords!
      Keyword Atlas will then replace the asterisk “*” in each keyword phrase with each letter of the alphabet and pull results from the selected autosuggest engines!
    • Easily Export Your Keywords The Way You Need Them!
      With the integrated keyword export tool, you can quickly and easily get your keywords just as you need them.
      Simply clean and copy your keywords in sets with one-click formatting and match options.
      Then paste your keywords into your Google ad campaigns and watch your ROI explode!
    • Get Blazing Fast Column Quick-Filters and Custom Filters
      Get blazing-fast quick-filters at the top of the columns. With just one-click you instantly get the data you want to see!
      You can also create any custom filter you want for any column you wish. Plus, you can save your favorite filter combination to a file, and load your saved filters with a few clicks saving you hours of searching.
  • YouTube Video Ads Training Course!
    Need Extra YouTube Advertising Training?
    Get bonus access to the Vlueo Video Ads Academy training course.
    This is a beginner-friendly short training course consisting of 20 videos and a 100-page written training guide designed to take you through the essentials of getting setup with YouTube advertising fast.
    This course is perfect if you are new to YouTube advertising or need a quick refresher on how things work.
    – Video 1: What are YouTube Ads all about?
    – Video 2: Getting Your Channel and Website Ready for YouTube Ads
    – Video 3: Setting Up A Basic YouTube Ads Campaign
    – Video 4: How To Promote Your Stuff In Recommended Videos And On YouTube Search
    – Video 5: Generating Qualified Website Traffic With YouTube Ads
    – Video 6: Generating More Sales With A Product Consideration Campaign On YouTube
    – Video 7: Generating Cheap Video Impressions With Skippable In-Stream Ads
    – Video 8: Getting More Qualified Views With Bumper And non-skippable Video Ads
    – Video 9: Reaching More Mobile Users With An Optimized Outstream Video Ad
    – Video 10: Generating Email Leads With A YouTube Ads Campaign
    – Video 11: Creating A Video Ad Sequence Campaign
    – Video 12: How To Create The Perfect YouTube Ad Creative In 2019-20
    – Video 13: How To Add Interactivity To Your YouTube Ads In 2019-20
    – Video 14: How To Create Advertiser-Friendly Videos And Avoid Violating Ad Policies In 2019-20
    – Video 15: YouTube Ads Best Practices For Marketers In 2019-20
    – Video 16: Advanced YouTube Ads Tips and Tricks That Work In 2019-20
    – Video 17: Do’s and Don’ts
    – Video 18: Premium tools and Services to consider
    – Video 19: Shocking Case Studies
    – Video 20: Frequently Asked Questions


“Vlueo has made it so easy to find relevant videos on youtube to place my paid ads on, easily cut hours of work from my daily workflow…” – Sam Finlay, Founder / Owner, Ignite Academy

“It’s been a real treat using Vlueo, and I absolutely love the Google Ad Tool and especially the amazing tracking system! You guys have really done a great job.” – Kory Pearman, White Label Freelancer

“This is a game changer for my own software product marketing, especially having the ability to put my products in front the exact buyer audience!” – Dave Guindon, Founder / Owner / Developer, AppBreed

Vlueo will take your YouTube advertising to a new level by providing you with some of the best laser targeting traffic you’ve ever come across. The software can be used on Mac, PC and any mobile device, so you can easily use it on any device that has a web browser on it. Make use of this revolutionary software to show your product or service to the billions of users on YouTube and boost your ROI while driving down ad costs. What Are You Waiting for? Get Niche Video Packs – Volume 1 Now!