VidRepurposer Commercial By Ben Murray Review – The First Ever Cloud-Based Tool That Allows Repurposes Videos, Text, And Audio Into A Month’s Worth Of Fully Unique, High-Quality Video Content For Your Own Brand And For Clients

VidRepurposer Commercial By Ben Murray – The First Ever Cloud-Based Tool That Allows Repurposes Videos, Text, And Audio Into A Month’s Worth Of Fully Unique, High-Quality Video Content For Your Own Brand And For Clients.

VidRepurposer Commercial By Ben Murray is a groundbreaking cloud app that “repurpose” existing videos and content into brand new expert content for easy traffic, leads, and sales for ourselves and clients. Allowing you to turn any YouTube video, text document or URL into multiple pieces of unique content in minutes… flooding your website, social media and YouTube channels with content people can’t ignore… and easily ranking you and your clients at the top of YouTube and Google.

Ben Murray designed this content re-purposing tool for amazing video content. It helps you to take blog article, YouTube Video, lead magnet, and audio. With this VidRepurposer, you will get leads and traffic instantly. It allows you to create the stunning, engaging video. You will receive access to thousands of dollars worth stock videos. VidRepurposer provides you video stock library, stock image, customized videos, and templates.

VidRepurposer Commercial is a groundbreaking cloud app that can create months worth of unique, quality video content from existing links, text, and even videos. That includes the ability to turn any YouTube video into your own unique, 100% customized video to use for lead generation, ads, or even resell. There’s rich customization ability including the ability to edit slides, text, fonts, add background images and videos, and more. Plus, it can “repurpose” those new videos into even more unique content to sell to clients and use yourself and comes with 7 DFY templates in hot local niches.

Unlike other tools, VidRepurposer Commercial can create fully unique video content that viewers will actually want to watch and share in minutes. That means far easier social and SEO traffic. It’s also the only tool in the world that can create videos from other videos, URLs, and audio all-in-one from links. Plus, it has the 7 hot local niche templates, too, to hit the ground running fast.

VidRepurposer Commercial is fully cloud-based so it works on any system at any time. Rack Infotech team has invested in more developers and support staff so they can offer 24/7 support. You can see our support link at the bottom of this page. There’s also detailed video tutorial, too.

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VidRepurposer Commercial By Ben Murray Review – The First Ever Cloud-Based Tool That Allows Repurposes Videos, Text, And Audio Into A Month’s Worth Of Fully Unique, High-Quality Video Content For Your Own Brand And For Clients

VidRepurposer Commercial Review

VidRepurposer Commercial Review

VidRepurposer Commercial Review

VidRepurposer Commercial Review

VidRepurposer Commercial Powerful Features:

  • Quickly Turn Any YouTube Video Into a 100% Unique Video
    Choose any video you own (or someone else does) and extra the content to turn into your own unique video.
    VidRepurposer will extract what’s actually spoken in the video (not just the description) for you to repurpose into something 100% unique
  • Turn Any Blog Post or Text Into a Fully Unique Video
    Quickly paste any blog URL or text document and VidRepuposer will help you create it into a stunning, much more engaging video to upload to YouTube, Facebook, use in ads, and more.
  • Repurpose Videos into Audios, Blog Posts, Lead Magnets, and More
    Don’t just stop at video creation.
    Take your created video and repurpose it into a new blog post, a lead magnet, an audio version for a podcast, and more to reach more traffic channels (and more leads) with just a click of a button.
  • Commercial License Included
    Local clients like doctors, plumbers, restaurants, and more need more leads and unique content.
    With the Commercial License, you can sell the videos you create, charge per lead, or sell content creation as a high-ticket monthly service!
  • Rich Customization of Each Video
    Add text, change font size and color, add background images and videos, customized the number of slides, edit the content, and more. The options are endless with the built-in WYSIWYG video editor.
  • Access to VidRepurposer Video and Image Stock Library
    Get access to thousands of dollars worth of premium stock images and stock videos to use in your VidRepurposer videos. Just enter a keyword and choose from right inside the built-in library.
  • 7 DFY Templates to Choose From
    Need to get videos created ultra fast? You’ll get 7 pre-loaded DFY templates already created in the hottest local niches including Dentist, Real Estate, Pizza Shop, CPA, Personal Attorney, Florist, Wedding Planner, Auto Repair.

VidRepurposer Commercial More Features:

  • Fully Cloud-based – Nothing to Install
  • Preview Videos Before Rendering
  • Tested with Proven Results
  • Turn Quotes into Text Videos for More Shares
  • Turn informative videos and posts into your own unique video course

Crank Out and Repurpose Killer Content in 4 Easy Steps:

  • Step 1: Choose what you want to repurpose.
    Choose whether you want to repurpose a YouTube video, a blog URL, text, spoken audio, or one of VidRepurposers 7 DFY local niche templates to create a new video.
  • Step 2: Insert any Text or URL (including YouTube video URLs) into the App
    Search for a video you want to repurpose within the app or insert any URL. VidRepurposer will extract the content for you including the actual spoken text of the video and organize it into optional slides. You can choose to spin the text so it’s unique or edit it yourself if you choose.
  • Step 3: Do Rich Customization of the Video
    Add background images and videos, reposition text, choose fonts and colors, and more to make a gorgeous, fully unique video in minutes.
  • Step 4: Preview, Render, & Repurpose
    Preview how the video looks, then export to use on YouTube, Facebook, and more. Plus, you can “repurpose” your new video into text for a lead magnet, a blog post, audio for a podcast, and more to 10x traffic

What Makes VidRepurposer Commercial Different Than Other Video Apps:

  • Comes with 7 DFY Unique Templates – Use these to hit the ground running in 7 of the hottest local niches. Create or sell to clients.
  • Only App that can Repurpose Existing Videos – VidRepurposer can extract what’s actually spoken in the video to text for you to turn into a video.
  • Only App that can Repurpose Spoken Text – You can actually record yourself talking and VidRepurposer will turn it into a video quickly
  • Repurpose Quotes into a Social Video – VidRepurposer comes with a huge library of DFY quotes you can pick from and turn into a video quickly
  • Everything is 100% Customizable – Including the script, text, fonts, colors, background images, background videos, & more. No other video editing cloud app has this much customization ability.
  • Customize Slide Animations – You can choose to let VidRepurposer automatically add pan/zoom animations to your background images, or customize yourself
  • Export Video Into Different Mediums – Download your video file along with a transcript of the new repurposed text, images, and audio file. You can sell these separate or repurpose them around the web in different mediums ie: what Gary Vaynerchuk does.

VidRepurposer Commercial Perfect For:

  • Ecom store owners
    Want free traffic from people who are searching for what you sell? Then load your store up with product-focused content that attracts searchers to your store like bees to pollen. Enter a product keyword or a problem-based keyword into VidRepurposer and in minutes, you’ve got a trust winning video, blog post or document to drive free traffic over and over!
  • List builders
    Create expert lead magnets in minutes, even if you’re not an expert in your niche. Quickly turn any popular and useful video into your own unique video presentation, eBook, report or email series that explodes your opt-in rate and builds your list faster than ever.
  • Affiliate marketers
    Dominate niche after niche with affiliate websites loaded with expert content that’s 100% unique. Rocket to the top of Google, rake in free traffic with fresh content and enjoy passive affiliate paychecks, month after month.
  • Product launchers
    Quickly create expert products, prelaunch material, email follow-up sequences and more in minutes. Launch products faster and more frequently, in any niche, by turning other people’s content and knowledge into your own money-making empire.
  • Marketing agencies and freelancers
    Deliver expert content to your clients faster than ever, without endless research or hammering away at the keyboard all day. Ramp up your income and make your clients leap with joy at the speed of your work!
  • Local businesses
    Finally get the exposure you deserve in Google and social media, with endless free content that you can create in minutes. Out publish your competitors, establish true authority in your niche and attract free customers to your business, year after year.

VidRepurposer Commercial Benefits:

  • Dominate the search engines. Flood your website with fresh daily content that people love and send endless free traffic to your business day after day.
  • Crank out killer social posts. Turn expert content into powerful, useful Facebook and Twitter posts that people can’t ignore and want to share.
  • Build your list at breakneck speed. Crank out awesome lead magnets packed with expert knowledge and watch your opt-in rate explode!
  • Crank out best—selling products. Quickly turn other people’s expertise into unique content you can legally sell as your own, in niche after niche!
  • Eliminate the guesswork. See which content is already popular in your niche and convert it into your own unique version in minutes. No more searching for ideas and creating everything from scratch, hoping it might work!
  • Launch a money—making agency. Produce expert content for clients in record speed, getting paid hundreds per hour for just minutes of your time.
  • Save endless hours and thousands of dollars. No more hiring researchers, writers, editors, designers, videographers and spending hundreds of dollars to create a single piece of content. No more hacking away at the keyboard all day to create a single blog post.

VidRepurposer Commercial Benefits:

  • Unlimited, Unique Video Content – Turn any piece of content into dozens of unique videos, podcasts, blog posts and emails in minutes
  • “Repurpose” Existing YouTube Videos – Extract what’s actually spoken in any video and turn it into your own 100% unique video.
  • Rich Customization Ability – Add text, fonts, stock videos, images, and more to make each video look amazing and sharable.
  • Commercial Rights & Templates – Bank six figures per year selling video content creation and lead gen. videos to clients the easy way!

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VidRepurposer Commercial By Ben Murray Review – The First Ever Cloud-Based Tool That Allows Repurposes Videos, Text, And Audio Into A Month’s Worth Of Fully Unique, High-Quality Video Content For Your Own Brand And For Clients

VidRepurposer Commercial Review

VidRepurposer Commercial Review

VidRepurposer Commercial Review

VidRepurposer Commercial Related Product (OTO/Upsell/Upgrade):

  • Front End: VidRepurposer Commercial
  • OTO 1: VidRepurposer Diamond
    With the Diamond upgrade, users get upgrade features, usage limits, and bonuses. Includes the ability to convert any keyword into a unique video, create videos from a built-in library of public domain audio books, unlock more slides and render time, and more.
  • OTO 2: VidRepurposer Enterprise
    Users get to unlock unlimited video length and unlimited video slides with this upgrade. Also, it includes the Outsourcer License + Team Login ability to put video creation on autopilot. Plus, reseller program access to resell the app for 100% commissions and make their investment back.
  • OTO3: VidRepurposer VidViral Special
    A cloud app that creates viral video memes on Facebook with the ability to add above and below captions to videos on social media. Now users can add top/bottom CTAs to their VidRepurposer videos.
  • OTO4: VidRepurposer Reddule Special
    The first true, all-in-one marketer friendly training and software suite for Reddit. Now that you have the video content, help it go viral on the most viral network out there.


“I have other video tools…but this is exactly what I needed the most.”
“I’ve been testing out VidRepurposer for a few days now and I am blown away, thank you so much for this opportunity. I have a few other video tools, but this is exactly what I needed most. Not only are the templates helping me create and rank lead generation videos for clients, but I’m able to charge three times more selling the extra repurposed content, too.” – Whitney S.

“…my traffic has already doubled.”
“I can’t stress enough how much I love this new tool. It’s such pain to create videos people will actually watch and share and VidRepurposer just made it far easier. Not only is this going to save me a small fortune in expenses, but my traffic has already doubled thanks to longtail videos I’m repurposing.” – Adam Wahl

“…VidRepurposer is the fastest and easiest unique video content tool today.”
“As soon as I saw VidRepurposer I knew it was going to give me an unfair advantage as an Agency owner. I was not disappointed! If you really want to get yourself and your clients results, you have to have unique video content and VidRepurposer is the fastest and easiest unique video content tool today. This is going to double the amount I’m making each week easily. ” – Erica B.

VidRepurposer Commercial is an Amazing product. It’s a very good product and Top seller today from JVZoo. Not only are you getting access to VidRepurposer Commercial for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. VidRepurposer Commercial include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose VidRepurposer Commercial, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for? Get VidRepurposer CommercialNow And Enjoy It For 30 Days!