SociJam Pro By Cindy Donovan Review – OTO #1 of SociJam. Explode Your Results With Viral Traffic From 22 Extra Social Media & Web Traffic Hotspots

SociJam Pro By Cindy Donovan – OTO #1 of SociJam. Explode Your Results With Viral Traffic From 22 Extra Social Media & Web Traffic Hotspots.

SociJam Pro By Cindy Donovan is powerful upgrade of SociJam. With SocuJam Pro now you can easily post your content, ads or links to multiple social media networks. Use it on YouTube text or Quora forums (or ANY of the sites). We’re also working to expand out network. Any future platforms we add will automatically be included in your pro level access. Not only will this open up several new income streams for you… Your paid or organic traffic will be more profitable too, giving you a huge advantage when you are ready to scale your business up to the next level!

SociJam System is the best Facebook tool that helps you to get more clicks, likes, and sales immediately on the Facebook ad, comment, or post. Cindy Donovan provides you agency, pro, reseller, and extreme package. You will experience an instant spike in Facebook interactions. With this SociJam, you will earn tons of money through Facebook. You will receive full floods of pms and comments. This jam-packed funnel helps you to grab the attention of your Facebook. SociJam helps you to get the top converting access to underlined bold and much more. You will get massive profits and boost Facebook.

SociJam is basically a way of creating great looking Facebook posts that wow and attract readers while creating massive engagement. So in other words, those old boring and bland posts that most people scroll through are a thing of the past with Soci Jam.

Now you can style your Facebook posts that make readers hit the brakes in their feeds like a winnebago trying to avoid a Mack truck! Best of all? SociJam is 100% cloud based so there’s no messy software to download and install on your computer. And Soci Jam works across every major internet browser that you can think of.

SociJam works in groups, featured posts, comments, and even Facebook ads! Use this software to visually entice your visitors while getting them to take action. There’s nothing to install and there are no coding or design skills necessary. You just point, paste, and profit!

SociJam Pro automatically open up extra profit streams to get an unfair advantage!This you complete “Traffic, Engagement and Money Driving Suite”. All you have to do is just add your content into SociJam Pro Dashboard, Post it over the 22+ Social Media Channels and you are all done!

Creating a kind of content that locks the eyes and literally take your visitors to take action by hand is a tedious task and you don’t want to keep researching and implementing that kind of thing. The flexibility of SociJam Pro puts it in an entirely elite class of its own. There is literally nothing out there offering this kind of solution on such a wide variety of social media channel

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SociJam Pro By Cindy Donovan Review – OTO #1 of SociJam. Explode Your Results With Viral Traffic From 22 Extra Social Media & Web Traffic Hotspots

SociJam Pro Review

SociJam Pro Review

SociJam Pro Review

SociJam Pro Features:

  • 8 Major Social Media Platforms
    Imagine being able to put your social media campaigns or ad campaigns on Full Throttle, and squeeze out maximum possible benefits.
    Instantly Monetize the power of bold, italic and underline text and from not one, not two but 8 Major social media channels.
  • Top Messaging Platform
    Unleash the power of stylized text to top messaging platforms. Let you messages standout and make a solid impression that 90% of the people don’t even know. Bye bye old boring conversations.
  • Web 2.0 & Discussion Platforms
    Don’t let your article, comment or link ignores between those thousands of posts and comments. Give your comment an attention grabbing twist.
    If you want to get more, you need to differentiate with less footprints and more results

SociJam Pro Awesome Bonus:

  • 5000+ Royalty Free Images to Use on Social Media
    Nothing captures a social media audience than the right picture at the right time.
    But… buying images gets STUPIDLY expensive … which is why we’ve given you a massive collection of 5,000 royalty free images.
    You are able to use these any way you choose
    So create your perfectly crafted SociJam pro post, choose a matching image and get even MORE attention than ever… completely free! This is, again, only available on this page – so upgrade your account and be ready to DOMINATE more of the Internet than you’ve ever been able to reach.

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SociJam Pro By Cindy Donovan Review – OTO #1 of SociJam. Explode Your Results With Viral Traffic From 22 Extra Social Media & Web Traffic Hotspots

SociJam Pro Review

SociJam Pro Review

SociJam Pro Review


“The SociJam Pro upgrade is a must have in any marketers tool box.
For such a low price, you are getting a super versatile tool that will enable you to stand head and shoulders above your competition across multiple social media channels.
Grab this now before they put up the price!” – George Nieves, Internet Marketer

“Wow! Just when I thought SociJam couldn’t get any better, these guys have proved me wrong and created the Socijam Pro upgrade which allows formatted fonts across more than 20 different social media sites.
This is going to boost my marketing and engagement even more. Well done guys on creating this upgrade.” – Rash Vin, Internet Marketer

“When it comes to selling online, using multiple avenues of traffic and lead generation is a must.
Socijam Pro allows you to maximize all your marketing efforts across 20 different Social Media sites by allowing posting of formatted text to all of these.
This results in more engagement and more eyeballs seeing what I have to offer. If you are serious about your online business then picking this up is a total no brainer.” – Art Flair, Internet Marketer

SociJam Pro Related Product (OTO/Upsell/Upgrade):

  • Front End: SociJam
  • OTO 1: SociJam Pro Upgrade
    • Unlock 8 Major Social Media Platforms for 3X More Exposure
    • Make Your Conversations Super Engaging with Top Messaging Platforms
    • Dominate Social Media with 5000+ Royalty Free Images
    • Access to Secret Mastermind Facebook Group to Learn and Grow
  • OTO 2: SociJam Extreme
    SociJam Extreme Gives You The Ultimate Advantage In Your Social Media Marketing! You’re not ‘just’ getting another piece of software, or a ton of training you might use some day. You’ll be getting your hands on the latest Internet Marketing training, done for you written templates, software and bite-sized step by step actionable training. Add that together with an entire year of piece-by-piece training and support you’ll be able to start making more money in these next few weeks than you’ve ever done on line before.
  • OTO 3: SociJam Agency
    Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Get With Your Agency Level SociJam Upgrade
    Create Accounts For Staff Or Clients:

    • Agency Back Office
      Everything is smooth, slick and easy to use, just like the SociJam tool! Just copy/paste and you’re ready to profit
    • Account Creation
      You’ll be able to keep your clients happy by letting them have their own professional and clean login area
    • Easy Copy/Paste Reg
      Choose the member level and give them the link we provide for easy, handsfree delivery and registration
    • Charge Your Own Price
      Selling social media as a service? Increase your prices and value. *Prices must be equal to or higher than ours
    • Customised Dashboard
      Show your own message when your new customer/client logs in or even add a personal welcome video
    • Viral Client Builder
      You’ve already seen how eye catching SociJam is, now you can use it to build an even bigger client base that pays!
  • OTO 4: SociJam Reseller
    You already have everything you need to make a killing with SociJam and Facebook… BUT, if you want your online business to make an extra 6 figures without the hassles, then keep reading. We’re giving you the opportunity to get exclusive access to the OFFICIAL RESELLERS rights SociJam and the entire funnel. So you can sell this as your own and keep 100% of the profits starting today!
    Here’s What You’ll Be Getting:

    • Tested & Proven Sales Copy
      You know it sells well, YOU are proof of that!
    • Ready To Sell Immediately
      You’ll be able to profit right away
    • No Complicated Setup
      You just need a link, we’ll show you how
    • High Quality Product In HOT Niche
      This viral product will be yours to sell any time
    • Sell Unlimited Copies 1, 2, 5 years from now
      You’ll have the hottest social media software
    • No Support Or Development Fees
      We’ll manage all of the expensive/tricky stuff

Not only are you getting access to SociJam Pro for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. SociJam Pro include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose SociJam Pro, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for? Get SociJam Pro Now And Enjoy It For 30 Days!