Email Ramp By Neil Napier Review – Get Done-For-You Email Marketing Bundle That Covers 999 Pre-Written Emails In 9 Different Niche. You Will Get A Variety Of Use Cases Such As Product Launch, Pre-Sell, Webinar Registration, Re-Engagement Emails And More

Email Ramp By Neil Napier – Get Done-For-You Email Marketing Bundle That Covers 999 Pre-Written Emails In 9 Different Niche. You Will Get A Variety Of Use Cases Such As Product Launch, Pre-Sell, Webinar Registration, Re-Engagement Emails And More.

Email Ramp By Neil Napier is a software that gives you access to over 999 proven-to-convert emails written by A-List copywriters for top internet marketers, so you can also use it for your own campaigns too. In essence, you will be able to use the same emails that 7-figure marketers use and be able to rake in the amount of sales they rake in too.

Email Ramp is an initiative of A-List Copywriters whose mission is to help small marketers and business owners, who cannot afford their services, to still have access to their email vaults and make money from sending mails.
In case you don’t know, A-List copywriters charge between $100-$250 for a single email. And that’s because they know that the email they write for you, will bring you X100 of the amount you paid them. But as a small marketer, can you afford to pay $250 for a single email, when you know you will be needing lots of it?

I guess your answer is NO. So this is why you should jump at such opportunity to get inside the email vault of these copywriters and start using their expertise for almost nothing. And that’s the type of opportunity they are presenting to you in form of Email Ramp.

Inside Email Ramp, there are emails available for your use in different niches and for different purposes, whether it is trust building emails, affiliate promotion, product launch, re-engagement, story-telling, etc. With Email Ramp, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to A-List copywriters or waste many years of your life learning how to write highly-converting, subscriber-bonding, cash-churning, sales-generating emails.

It’s a software that gives you access to highly converting emails that brings truckloads of sales to you when used. Every email you would need to make money from your email marketing business is there. From list nurturing emails, to prelaunch, product launch, re-engagement, story-telling, emotional angles and even discount and time-limited offer emails. Just login, choose your niche and the email type you want, and you will be greeted with more than enough emails you can copy as is, or tweak to suit you.

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Email Ramp By Neil Napier Review – Get Done-For-You Email Marketing Bundle That Covers 999 Pre-Written Emails In 9 Different Niche. You Will Get A Variety Of Use Cases Such As Product Launch, Pre-Sell, Webinar Registration, Re-Engagement Emails And More

Email Ramp Review

Email Ramp Review

Email Ramp Include:

  • List Nurturing Emails
    Which you can use to gain the trust of your subscribers and put them in the mood of buying from you
  • Pre-Launch Emails
    Which you can use to build anticipation in the minds of your subscribers, ahead of your product launch
  • Product Launch Emails
    Ready to launch your product or service? Use these emails to practically force your subscribers to buy from you
  • Story-Telling Emails
    Stories will always sell. These story-based emails can be used to engage your audience and pitch your product at the end
  • Emotional Selling
    People make buying decisions emotionally, and these emails will tap into that emotion and move them to buy
  • Discount Offer Emails
    Want fast sales? Use this discount and time limited offer emails to push your subscribers to the edge of buying
  • Re-engagement Emails
    Even if your list is dead, the emails here will reawaken them and make them responsive once again

Email Ramp Cover These Niches:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Weight Loss
  • Beauty and Skin Care
  • Online Business Opportunities
  • Self-help and personal development
  • Parenting and Family
  • Crypto-currency
  • Alternative medicine
  • Dating

Here’s How Email Ramp Will Help You Make Money:

  • Access to over 999 proven-to-convert emails
    Email Ramp is a software that gives you access to over 999 subscriber-bonding, cash-churning and sales-generating emails that will double; triple or even quadruple your email marketing results.
  • Fully tested and proven to bring massive sales
    The copywriters behind these emails have written emails that brought in OVER $5M in sales for themselves and their clients. And so, they understand what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to writing marketing emails. Every email inside this software is proven to convert and pull in massive sales.
  • It’s super-easy to use
    All you need to do is to select your niche and then the email type you want. You will then be greeted with hundreds of emails you can use or swipe for that purpose.
  • Great for both newbies and veteran marketers
    Even though Email Ramp was built with small business owners, marketers, product creators and copywriters in mind, even as a veteran marketer, you will benefit immensely from this software.
  • Developed by A level copywriters
    What you find inside Email Ramp are 100% brand new, unique and proven-to-convert emails written by our clique of 6 and 7 figure email copywriters who are jointly responsible for millions of dollars in sales. So be rest assured that whatever email you get from the software is bound to pull in results for you.
  • Save yourself money, time and energy
    Email Ramp saves even the most experienced email copywriters a lot of time. No more hours and hours of staring on a blank page thinking of what to write. Best of all, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars hiring email copywriters or buying swipes that contain only few emails.
  • Get better results
    Stand out from the huge competition and model the best guys out there, build your brand faster, enhance your marketplace position increase the credibility of your offer, sell more products to your email list and make more money, because high quality emails sell!
  • Become recognized as a top email copywriter
    Increase your freelance copywriting business profits because clients will be blown away at the quality of your work and fast turnaround times. And yes, other copywriters will scratch their heads, not knowing of your magic
  • Nothing to install and works on any device:
    This software runs on the cloud and so there’s absolutely nothing to install. Most importantly, it works on any device, whether PC, tablet or phone. This means you can work from anywhere you are and from any device, as long as you’re connected to the internet
  • Amazing Support
    You see, we didn’t just build this software for you; we built it for ourselves too. We use it just like you’ll be using. So you should expect that we will maintain it and keep it running endlessly, unlike many other cloud-based software that packs up after one year or even less. We’re in this for the long haul and so expect and amazing support

All you need to do when you want to make money from your list is:

  • Login to the Email Ramp
  • Select the niche and email type you want to write
  • Choose from the hundreds of emails presented to you
  • Send it to your subscribers.

Email Ramp Benefits:

  • You no longer need to waste time learning how to write powerful emails that convert
  • You won’t ever need to waste money hiring expert email copywriters again
  • There won’t be any need to buy any of those overpriced email swipes again
  • You get 999+ pre-written emails for less than 1 cent per email
  • You will start achieving very high open and click through rates on all the emails you send
  • You will start getting massive sales each time you send out emails to your subscribers
  • And if you promote product launches, you will easily appear on leaderboards and earn extra prizes for bringing in the most sales

Email Ramp Video:

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Email Ramp By Neil Napier Review – Get Done-For-You Email Marketing Bundle That Covers 999 Pre-Written Emails In 9 Different Niche. You Will Get A Variety Of Use Cases Such As Product Launch, Pre-Sell, Webinar Registration, Re-Engagement Emails And More

Email Ramp Review

Email Ramp Review

Email Ramp Bonuses:

  • BONUS #01: Free List Building Webinar
    Where we will show you how to build a list without spending any money on paid ads. This alone is valued at $197
    VALUE: $197
  • BONUS #02: Email Marketing Hack
    A premium eBook, plus video and audiobook, which will show you the best way to go about your email marketing business.
    VALUE: $97
  • BONUS #03: 100 Powerful Subject Lines
    Which you can use to get high open rates for your emails, in addition to what you already have in Email Ramp.
    VALUE: $37
  • BONUS #04: 5 Minute Daily Blueprint
    This will show you how to build a huge email list in 30 days, spending just 5 minutes of your time daily. Of course you know that the bigger your email list, the more money you will make.
    VALUE: $47
  • BONUS #05: Facebook Ad Video Course
    This course will will show you how to run profitable FaceBook Ads.
    VALUE: $97

Let’s recap everything you’re going to get:

  • Access to Email Ramp containing 999+ emails. This is valued at $497 per month if you are to compare it with similar software that are not even close to it in terms of quality.
  • List Building Webinar with Neil Napier, valued at $197
  • 100 powerful Email Subject lines, valued at $37
  • Email Marketing Hack, valued at $97
  • 5 Minute Daily Blueprint, valued at $47
  • Facebook Ad Video Course, valued at $97


“EmailRamp makes it easy to get emails quickly. I know my customers can sometimes struggle to write their own sequences, so this should be a good app for them.” – Abhi Dwivedi

Email Ramp Related Product (OTO/Upsell/Upgrade):

  • Front End: Email Ramp
  • OTO 1: Email Ramp Club
    With this upgrade you can quickly:

    • Customize the emails inside Email Ramp, making it bear your name and other changes you want with just a click of a button
    • Send the emails to your subscribers through your autoresponder, without having to do this manually
    • Send the emails inside Email Ramp to your VA, marketing team or partner to review and use in your campaigns.
    • Get extra 100 fresh, unique and highly persuasive extra emails every month from our copywriting team.
  • OTO 2: Email Ramp – Email Writing Playbook
    Inside Email Writing Playbook, you are going to discover…

    • How to build and grow a super-responsive email list fast
    • How to find the right subscribers who will be always eager to hear from you and buy whatever you promote to them
    • How many times you should be emailing your subscribers for maximum profits, without burning them out.
    • Power words you should use in your emails to trigger positive responses of your subscribers
    • How to connect to your subscribers on an emotional angle so they can’t resist buying from you
      And lots more
  • OTO 3: Email Ramp – Email Pro Custom Package
    This is the easiest way we can help you jumpstart your email marketing business, and start getting loads of sales and revenues every day.
    Now, you don’t have to worry whether the emails you edited from our templates are still as powerful as the original templates.
    We will write the complete emails for you, from scratch, so that the only task you will need to do is send it to your subscribers.
    And there’s no limit to the type of email we can write for you.
    Whether it is:
    – List nurturing
    – Product launch
    – Pre-launch
    – Soap opera styled
    – Seinfeld
    – Story-telling
    – Re-engagement
    – Emotional styled
    – Discount and time-limited offer emails
    – And so on
    All you need to do is fill a form telling us the product or service you are promoting, the target audience, and the type of email you want…
    …and our expert copywriters will craft highly persuasive, engaging and sales-pulling emails that will deliver the result you want:
    You see, we aren’t trying to hype our copywriting prowess.
  • Downsell 1: Email Ramp Club – 7 Day Trial

Email Ramp enables you to write powerful, cash-pumping emails in 5 minutes, even if you don’t know jack about copywriting. It gives you access to 999+ engaging, and highly persuasive emails you can just copy , paste to your autoresponder and send to your subscribers. And they will be eager to buy whatever you are promoting to them.

The best part is all the emails inside Email Ramp are unique, original and most importantly, written to convert. Our team has generated lots of sales for clients who we write their marketing emails for. So we know how to write emails that convert into sales and that’s exactly the type of emails we wrote and put inside Email Ramp.

Not only are you getting access to Email Ramp for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Email Ramp include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Email Ramp, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for? Get Email Ramp Now And Enjoy It For 30 Days!