The Clones By Brendan Mace Review – Click, Click, Activate CLONES: “Done for You” Campaigns With Everything Ready To Go

The Clones By Brendan Mace – Click, Click, Activate CLONES: “Done for You” Campaigns With Everything Ready To Go.

The Clones is brand new product from Brendan Mace. The Clones are “done for you” campaigns with everything included. The right pages, emails, videos, etc, to have a winning affiliate campaign on your first try. Inside the The Clones you get actually clones of 6 of Brendan Mace best-performing campaigns to use as your own. These campaigns have all made him $1,500 – $2,500 per month, and you can use them to get the same results for yourself.

Affiliate Marketing Is Easy. But It Does Take Some Practice To Make Consistent Money. Look at everything you must do to get a successful affiliate marketing campaign up and running: 1. Find an offer that will actually convert – This takes some experience and if you pick the wrong offer, it doesn’t really matter what else you do, 2. Create the bonus and thank you pages for the campaign – This can be extremely time-consuming, 3. Write an email series for the campaign that will help you convert at the highest rate possible, 4. Setup everything and send traffic, 5. Test to make sure the campaign converts.

If You’re Just Starting With Affiliate Marketing, It Can Take Some Time For You To Get The Hang Of It. And if you do just one of these important steps wrong, it can prevent you from making as much money as you should make. That’s why I’m going to do something today that makes it easier than ever for you to make money online. Because I know how horrible it feels to struggle to get results, I know what it’s like to be up until 3am every night trying to make your online business work, I know how bad it feels to waste money on courses that promise you the world but never deliver. That’s why my #1 goal is to help as MANY people as possible make money online.

I call this “The Clones” because you get ‘clones’ of 6 of my top-performing affiliate marketing campaigns. All you have to do is ‘copy and paste’ and you’re on your way to money in your PayPal.

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The Clones By Brendan Mace Review – Click, Click, Activate CLONES: “Done for You” Campaigns With Everything Ready To Go

The Clones Review

The Clones Review

The Clones Review

Here’s what included when you get ‘The Clones’ today:

  • 6 ‘Done For You’ Campaigns That Are Proven To Convert
  • Bonus And Thank You Pages For Each Campaign
  • Proven-To-Convert Email Swipes To Use As Your Own
  • Step-By-Step Case Study For EACH Campaign

Make Money In Just 3 Simple Steps With The Clones:

  • Step #1: Login To ‘The Clones’ Members Area
  • Step #2: Clone my campaigns
  • Step #3: Make money

Each one of these campaigns includes…

  • Easy, Newbie-Friendly Setup Instructions
    When you follow the simple step-by-step instructions, you’ll have you first campaign up and ready to make you money in less than 10 minutes.
  • Proven-To-Convert Bonus Pages
    Offering bonuses is one of the big keys to making big money with affiliate marketing. I’ve invested hundreds of dollars having EACH bonus page created.
    You’ll get the top-quality bonus page and the included bonuses, so you can make as much money as possible.
  • Profit-Boosting Email Swipes
    Each campaign also includes professionally written email swipes that are battle-tested and proven to boost profits on every single campaign. With my email swipes, you’ll be able to setup a campaign and make money while you sleep.
  • Everything Hosted For You – Nothing To Install
    I’ll host everything for you so you don’t have to worry about buying a domain, hosting, or anything else. All you have to do is enter a few details (like where you want to get paid) and everything else is 100% ‘done for you.’

You’ll Also Get . . .

  • Step-By-Step Case Studies For EACH Of the 6 ‘Done For You’ Campaigns
    • Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to make money with each of the 6 campaigns you’re getting
    • In each case study, I start from ZERO and show you how I made $1,000+ with just an hour of setup required
    • You’ll discover EXACTLY how to get traffic flowing right away so you can make money as soon as today (don’t worry – No paid ads)
    • You’ll be able to ‘copy and paste’ exactly what I do to get the same results from my ‘clone’ campaigns

Why ‘The Clones’ Is Better Than Every Other Make Money Course Or Software On The Market Right Now:

  • Everything with ‘The Clones’ is 100% ‘Done For You!’
  • You don’t need any skills or experience to make money with ‘The Clones’
  • These 6 campaigns you get today are PROVEN to make money… and a lot of it
  • You get access to 6 Case Studies that show you EXACTLY how I used each of these campaigns to make money –
  • All you have to do is ‘copy and paste’ your way to money in your pocket
  • You don’t have to spend money on hosting, or a domain… or anything else… EVERYTHING you need to make money is included inside
  • You’ll be setup and ready to make money within a few minutes from right now!

The Clones Benefits:

  • Everything “Done for You”
  • Proven to convert
  • Make money as soon as this week
  • No video needed (we’ve done it all for you)
  • No website needed
  • Full case studies
  • Get money instantly in your accounts
  • 100% newbie-friendly

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The Clones By Brendan Mace Review – Click, Click, Activate CLONES: “Done for You” Campaigns With Everything Ready To Go

The Clones Review

The Clones Review

The Clones Review

The Clones Bonuses:

  • BONUS 1
    A simple guide to making easy money without a laptop.
    All you need is a mobile phone and internet, and you can make $200+ per day.
    This is a great method for newbies and intermediates.
  • BONUS 2
    The art of writing killer subject lines that maximize conversions.
    An important skill for everyone, if you want to make big money online.
  • BONUS 3
    A step-by-step blueprint on building a tribe of loyal buyers.
    This is exactly how Shahin managed to make a ton of money without a big list or any connections.


“I couldn’t believe it. Brendan sent over TWO HUNDRED freaking sales to my launch. I have no idea how he did it.” –  Anthony Mancuso

“Fact is… These campaigns make crazy money for Brendan. I saw that firsthand on our product called BLOX. Brendan made over $2,000 in less than 2 days. That’s crazy!” – Mark Bishop

“The Postly campaign was just one of many winners from Brendan. I’ve lost count of how many times he’s made thousands from one of my offers. There is no question here. Brendan creates campaigns that make money on demand.” – Art Flair

The Clones is an Amazing product. It’s a very good product and Top seller today from WarriorPlus. Not only are you getting access to The Clones for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. The Clones include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose The Clones, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for? Get The Clones Now And Enjoy It For 30 Days!