Easy WP Localhost Review By Michael Thomas – #1 WordPress Developer Tool. Build WordPress Sites Anywhere Fast…Without Internet Lag, Without Breaking Sites or Ongoing Costs

Easy WP Localhost By Michael Thomas –  #1 WordPress Developer Tool. Build WordPress Sites Anywhere Fast…Without Internet Lag, Without Breaking Sites or Ongoing Costs

Every WordPress user has broken at least one site. All it takes is one clashing plugin, one badly written theme/faulty update & your site is down, you’re losing rankings & traffic fast. Ever tried building a website when everyone on the planet is surfing, high volume of traffic makes your page edits slow. In fact sometimes it’s so slow that page updates time out & your updates are lost. None of us are born web design experts. We make horrific mistakes when we first start out. If we’re developing sites on a live server, every single mistake is there for the world to see. Any potential visitors, clients, etc.. will be instantly put off and never return.

Almost Professional designers solve these problems by working on a localhost. This massively cuts down on development time and no one ever sees the mistakes, half broken sites or other embarrassing errors. Developing sites is a breeze when it’s all fast, easy and problem free. But these are really hard to install and use, iIt takes 12 technical steps to set up just one site.

That why we need Easy WP Localhost!

Easy WP Localhost is  the most useful software by Michael Thomas.  Easy WP Localhost is software that installs on a PC or MAC that allows users to run WordPress test sites locally without any technical skills.

Traditionally installation of localhost software is complex & requires many steps. With Easy WP Localhost just double click the installer EXE(PC) or drag over the DMG file (MAC) & follow the on screen instructions. Once the process is complete the localhost is fully configured for speed & ready to use. We have even loaded Ioncube loaders which allow you to use encrypted themes & plugins. Setting up WP sites takes just one click using the built in WP installer. Select any version of WP, enter a name and your done.

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Easy WP Localhost Review By Michael Thomas – #1 WordPress Developer Tool. Build WordPress Sites Anywhere Fast…Without Internet Lag, Without Breaking Sites or Ongoing Costs


Easy WP Localhost Review

Easy WP Localhost Feature:

  • Works Just Like a Real Host… Just Much Faster
    Sites Work Exactly Like on a Real Server. Easy WP Localhost has been configured to run at maximum speed for any hardware configuration. We have done all the necessary speed tweaks in PHP & Apache to make WordPress run fast.
  • Works With Current / Future / Past WP Versions
    Futureproof & Retro Compatible. We all know WordPress changes versions every minute so it was important to us to allow users to add their own WordPress versions to the site installer. This is as easy as downloading the version your require from WordPress & pasting it into the specified folder. This allows users of Easy WP Localhost to easily update their own software & install any version current of future.
  • Exclusive: Rapid 1 Click Site Backup & Restore
    1000% Faster Than Any Host…Never Lose or Break a Project Again. One feature that was missing from all localhost solutions was an easy way to backup & restore sites – so we’ve built it! Now if you break a project you can restore it in just one click. So no more broken sites, no more wasting time time fixing stuff. Best of all our site backups literally take seconds – unlike a live server where each backup can take hours and restores can take days.
  • Test All Your Plugins & Themes At Your Leisure…
    Avoid Site Outages Caused By Faulty Themes, Plugins & Updates. With a well configured localhost you can test themes, plugins & updates before you apply these to a live site. Let’s face it, the most risky thing you can do to a working website is to change something. With a localhost you can replicate your site configuration or even clone a live site to the localhost & test any changes before you apply them live.
  • No Internet Connection
    Works With or Without an Internet Connection… You Can Work Anywhere!. Localhost software will happily work with an internet connection present but doesn’t require it. This allows you to develop projects where there is not internet access. So localhost are a perfect for developing projects on the move. This is ideal for users with slow or poor internet connections – users can build their sites off line then upload their sites when they have good internet access. No risk, No downtime, No worries.

Easy WP Localhost More Feature:

  • Super Easy Install
    Application takes seconds to install
  • Push Button WordPress Installation
    Simple 1 click test site setup, just fill in details
  • 1 Click Project Backup & Restore
    Unlimited site backups & easy project restores
  • Works with Popular Cloning Plugins
    Duplicator, WP Clone, Back WP Up
  • Super Simple User Interface
    Very simple to use & setup
  • Easy Install All 3.x & 4.x WordPress Versions
    Select current & past WP versions from dropdown
  • Works Just Like a Real Host
    Runs real versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP (AMP Stack)
  • PC Software
    Runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
  • MAC Software
    Runs on OSX 8, 9, 10 & 11
  • Ioncube Ready
    Runs Ioncube encrypted Themes, Plugins out of the box
  • 12 Month Support
    Get 12 Months Helpdesk Support
  • Easily Create Unlimited WordPress Sites
    Create unlimited WP test sites

Easy WP Localhost Benefits:

  • Works on PC & MAC
  • Easiest Ever User Interface
  • 1 Click WP Install
  • 1 Click Site Backup & Restore
  • For WP 3.x & 4.x
  • Easy To Update
  • 12 Month Support & Updates
  • Full Training Videos

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Easy WP Localhost Review By Michael Thomas – #1 WordPress Developer Tool. Build WordPress Sites Anywhere Fast…Without Internet Lag, Without Breaking Sites or Ongoing Costs

Easy WP Localhost Review

Easy WP Localhost Review

Easy WP Localhost Related Product (OTO/Upsell/Upgrade):

Front End : Easy WP Localhost

OTO#1 : Easy WP Localhost Pro Annual (EWL)

The upgrade version consists of a plugin which allows users to duplicate or clone a site to and from Easy WP Localhost in 2 clicks.
This upgrade also adds an import site button to Easy WP Localhost, allowing users to quickly import a backup created by the Easy WP Localhost plugin.
These two combined save hours of work when importing and exporting sites.
Doing this manually often requires in deptch knowledge of PHP or mylsql, and simply isn’t possible for a lot of your subscribers.
This upgrade also gives your subscribers an additional 2 licenses for Easy WP Localhost which they can use for VA’s etc..

OTO#2 : Easy WP Localhost Developer (EWL)

One of the things we did regularly with our own WP localhost was to install our preferred themes & plugins…
This was always costing us time on every installation – so we fixed this in the Pro version. In this version you can:
1. Store your preferred themes & plugins
2. When you install your WP test site you’ll be asked which of your stored themes & plugins you wish to add to your installation.
3. Duplicate any WP Localhost site in 1 click.
This makes it much easier & faster to set up your WordPress test sites. No more copying & unzipping stuff one by one.

OTO#3 : WP Debrander Unlimited (EWL)

WP DeBrander is a plugin for customizing WordPress standard branding, giving your subscribers an identity.
This allows your subscribers to add their own, or their clients branding to WP login pages, admin dashboard, etc..
The product also allows you tighter control of user security than WP normally allows.
We’ve also included over 120 graphics for your subscribers to use when customizing and branding their sites.

Easy WP Localhost is the #1 tool that every WordPress developer uses daily & without a question the most useful tool for site development & testing. The software operates like a SAAS on the PC/MAC allowing the user to create WordPress test sites on the fly, easier way than ever before possible. With Easy WP Localhost you have total control of all your development projects. Get Easy WP Localhost Now!