RSS Syndication Master Review By Heri Rosyadi – Discover How To SWAP Your Email Marketing For This Little Known System Exploding Your Sales And Profits – And Yet Not A Spam Filter In Sight!

RSS Syndication Master By Heri Rosyadi – Discover How To SWAP Your Email Marketing For This Little Known System Exploding Your Sales And Profits – And Yet Not A Spam Filter In Sight!

RSS Syndication Master is Amazing product by Heri Rosyadi, that will help you to discover how you can exploit this little known parallel universe side-stepping all the problems with email marketing. RSS Syndication Master is the complete inside track to deploying RSS feeds to power up your sales and profits.

RSS Syndication Master is a complete master plan that covers everything you need to turn RSS feeds into a vibrant and exciting communication medium with your prospects and existing clients, empowering you to offer new products and affiliate products, without the unwanted intrusion of the spam filters. With RSS Syndication Master you’ll be astonished at the simplicity and virtually zero cost (in contrast to the monthly drain on your profits from maintaining an auto responder with even a modest size email list) of using RSS. And all you need is this ground breaking program, which I’ve designed so you can start today

It doesn’t matter If you’re just dipping your toe in the water of internet marketing or you have some experience of marketing and whatever category you come under – I’m certain you’ll be delighted when you have the little known secrets that are waiting for you inside this expose.

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RSS Syndication Master Review By Heri Rosyadi – Discover How To SWAP Your Email Marketing For This Little Known System Exploding Your Sales And Profits – And Yet Not A Spam Filter In Sight!

RSS Syndication Master Review

RSS Syndication Master Review

RSS Syndication Master Modules:

Module# 1 : RSS is measurable
One of the most important tasks of successful entrepreneurs is to constantly measure the effectiveness of their marketing messages and use the feedback to constantly improve their message and their sales. And this module reveals how easy this is to do with RSS.

  • How RSS feedback can help tweak your website to make it even more visitor friendly
  • The zero cost of thousands of RSS subscriber (versus the king’s ransom demanded by auto responder services).
  • How RSS can be used rather like a customer survey – making it easy to deploy the key marketing strategy of finding out what your prospects want and give it to them

Module# 2 : Syndication Jargon Explained
This module kicks off with a clear definition of ‘syndication’. It then goes on give an interesting history lesson on RSS, covering the vital role of Dave Winer in its development.

  • Dave Winer and the history of RSS.
  • How information can be properly identified using RDF.
  • The stand alone RSS readers and the pros and cons of each.
  • Atom feeds and their place in the RSS mix (including the ability to work seamlessly with everything else that’s atom enabled).

Module# 3 : Creating your own RSS feed
This module begins by revealing the two ways you can create your own RSS feed and the best method to choose. It then goes on to show you the easy way to do it.

  • The two methods of creating your RSS feed (and the best choice of the two).
  • The exciting process of publishing your RSS feed and how to check it works correctly.
  • The secret of coding software for your RSS feed – as easy as creating a web form on your auto responder.

Module# 4 : Creating Effective RSS Feeds
This module first reveals the most important consideration, when creating content for your RSS feed, and then goes on to give some great tips on really exploding your online RSS presence

  • The key to maximizing interest and traffic.
  • The sort of high value links you should share.
  • The sort of high value links (this is vital for your success).
  • How to get your RSS feed indexed high up in the search engines.
  • The most important type of content (this is vital for your success).

Module# 5 : Why you should be using RSS
This module starts by pointing out the key advantage of RSS over emails in the overall marketing mix. It then goes on to reveal how you can exploit auto responders and other mechanism to full advantage.

  • How RSS enhances and increases your content delivery.
  • The multi-purpose tools that will allow you to effortlessly exploit social media.
  • The huge advantage RSS has over emails when you want to update your content very frequently.
  • The crafty tip to ensure even folks who haven’t joined your email list get access to your RSS feeds.
  • How to unleash the full marketing power of RSS (and how it’s the holy grail of marketing – when used properly).

Module# 6 : Goldmine for bloggers
This module starts off with a valuable tip from a millionaire blogger and then goes on to discus how to add a RSS feed to your blog.

  • Five simple steps to setting up your feed.
  • The secret society that opens up great opportunities for you.
  • The best platform which is simple to use, yet will provide some useful analytics.
  • How the most popular blog platform has a built-in RSS feed (making it brain dead simple to get started).

Module# 7 : Generating income from RSS
This is where the rubber hits the road and you start making money from your RSS.

  • Sources of great feeds you can use
  • The four key ways to make money with your RSS feeds.
  • How to make big money as an affiliate (and exploit one of the internet’s leading affiliate sites).
  • The secret of automatically populating your blog with the sort of fresh, authorative content people are searching for.

Module# 8 : Top tools for RSS
To get the best from your RSS operation it’s important to use the best available tools – and here they are.

  • Probably the best RSS feed management tool to organize unruly feeds.
  • The RSS management system that allows you to control everything from one place.
  • The simplest to use tool that takes multiple RSS feeds and amalgamates them into one master RSS feed (it could not be simpler).
  • The ultra-powerful composition tool that will empower you to mix and manipulate, content to create your own customized RSS feed.

Module# 9 : Promoting your RSS feeds
This final module covers the vital art of promoting your RSS feeds with a great tip on how much time you should spend doing this. Then it gives you some really useful ideas on how to achieve this.

  • The one click way to alert the search engines to your fresh content.
  • The source of the best listings of RSS feed publication locations (there are over 50 here, which will allow you to hit the ground running).

RSS Syndication Master Fast action Bonus:

worksheetFast Action Bonus# 1: WORKSHEET (Value: $67)
Keeping track of your RSS feeds and ensuring the content on your feed is high quality and right up to date is an important part of the whole process.
And this worksheet makes that a piece of cake.
This worksheet has been designed to integrate perfectly with the RSS Syndication Master program so you’ll be really pleased how well the two work together.
It makes the whole business of setting up and maintaining your RSS feeds a complete no-brainer. You just check off each task as they are completed, as easy as 1,2,3.
You’ll have to go a very long way to find a better tool than this to quickly transform you into a RSS master.

Fast Action Bonus# 2: Checklist (Value: $47)checklist
Creating your RSS feeds does require a high level of precision, with every detail needing to be spot on. Mess up and you’ll be throwing serious money away. So it’s vital you’re in full command of every important item. Fear not, because this checklist will make it a piece of cake. So you can relax, confident every last tiny detail has been taken care of.
In addition, this customized checklist has been expressly created to work seamlessly with your RSS Syndication Master program, making it a simple task to keep track of everything.
So – you can be completely confident about your skill set to quickly become a go to RSS owner. And any doubts will vanish like snow in summer when you can see the whole process laid out so simply before you.
I’m really proud to have created such a checklist for you to ensure your path to RSS heaven is silky smooth.

processmapFast Action Bonus# 3: Processmap (Value: $67)
Like a commander viewing the battlefield, this process chart will prove to be the perfect way to oversee every aspect of your project at a glance.
Fortune 500 and other top executives are taught to take ‘helicopter views’ of their business. This literally lets them see the BIG PICTURE. And now you can use the same valuable technique with your very own process map. It’s the perfect way to take an overview of every tiny aspect of your project.
Attracting attention and keeping a regular readership with your RSS feed depends on posting interesting, fresh content consistently and at predictable intervals. And it’s a great feeling to be able to take in all your RSS posting activity with a single glance.
Happily that’s brain dead simple with my especially created process map. Just print it out and put it somewhere it’s easy to see at all times. Then a single glance is all you need to know everything is as it should be.

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RSS Syndication Master Review By Heri Rosyadi – Discover How To SWAP Your Email Marketing For This Little Known System Exploding Your Sales And Profits – And Yet Not A Spam Filter In Sight!

RSS Syndication Master Review

RSS Syndication Master Review

RSS Syndication Master is a complete paint by numbers master plan, empowering you to exploit to the max this little known way of building a massive following that neatly side steps all the increasing problems of email marketing. It covers everything from creating your own RSS feed to the sorts of feed mixers you can deploy to create your very own unique, content rich RSS feed. This step by step master plan means it’s a piece of cake for you to know exactly how to set up your RSS feeds and then alert the search engines for maximum interest. And all that will add up to a massive influx of highly targeted traffic, making your sales, profits and happiness skyrocket! Get RSS Syndication Master Now!